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Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Hotel

*blows away dust from my keyboard

It has been a while since I last updated my blog, there is no excuse for me being MIA. Guilty as charged.

So to make it up to you lovely people, I decided to share about the beautiful hotel that I stayed in Bali. To those who were asking me where did I stay when I visited Bali, this post is specially dedicated to you. *wink

We stayed in Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua, it’s located around 10.8km away from the city center and it’s around 15-20 minutes away from the airport. I have never been to Bali but my impression of Bali is that it’s filled with lots of private villas. As you all know, a lot of people tend to pick Bali as their wedding venue because of the beautiful beaches and luxury villas. So, i told myself one day if i’m really planning to visit Bali I want to stay in one of those luxury hotels, it doesn’t have to be in a villa but it has to be luxurious lol.

Well, my dream came true! Remember the I joined #ESCAPERS15 with Citygal a few months ago and we won a 3 nights stay in Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua? I was super happy because my dream came true! A Bali trip, a luxury hotel and getting to work on my tan, it’s like heaven on earth!

So, we booked the cheapest flight we could find, which was MAS at RM400 round-trip to Bali and booked our stay with Accor Hotel and off we went!

JWL_9976Before heading to Bali, I just couldn’t stop myself from looking at pictures of Sofitel Nusa Dua Bali, it’s just too gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to visit! Finally, the most shared view on social media and review sites was just right in front of eyes.

JWL_9744Tadahh, our room for 3 nights, the Luxury King Pool Access Room that comes with access to Club Millesime (will blog about it in the next post). The room was perfect for the two of us and I’m so in love with the mix of design elements from Balinese culture and Franch luxury.

JWL_9747Our room huge for the two of us hahah, it comes with a 4 seater sofa too!


Besides that, it also comes with a miniature walk in closet!! This is awesome because Jo will never get to complain that our bed is always covered with worn clothes lol.


The toilet is very spacious too!


The provide all types of toiletries so they’ve got you covered if you forgot anything!


Their bath products are all from LANVIN too!

JWL_9748My favorite spot in the room is balcony which has direct access to the pool!!


The space is perfect for a quick shoot because the lighting was perfect and dramatic shadows from the roof too!

JWL_9769It leads you all the way from your room to the main pool! Because walking to the public pool is just too mainstream, so you swim!


Waking up in the morning with this view is just too perfect!


The benefit of having a pool access room is that you can just work on your tan in the pool, right at your doorstep!


Or you can just swim to ur friend’s room and annoy them like what we did to KBCG hahaha.

DSC06853This was taken right in front of KBCG’s room while we were waiting for them to come out from their room hahahhaa.


Photoshoot like Baywatch also OK cause you wont disturb anyone haha.


Temporary tattoo from PoppyLab! I really love my sunkissed skin man!

JWL_9978The lagoon outside our room that links other rooms and also connects to the main pool.

JWL_9771The main pool.

JWL_9973It has a swim-up pool bar that allows you to enjoy ur lunch or a few drinks in between your swim and tanning session.

JWL_9768If you prefer to walk to the pool…



DSC06899DSC06911I was telling Jo someone should really build a condo that has this pool access feature and I will buy it *daydreaming. Imagine sipping on a glass of ice tea while enjoying your sun tanning session just a few steps away from your yard!

DSC06607Neighbors dropping by to say hello in a donut float!

JWL_9883Besides thier lagoon pool and room, there is another spot that I really like! That’s their lobby, over looking the sea which is a perfect spot to cozy up see the sun rise!


A daybed to lounge in and watch the sun rise!


We managed to get ourselves off the bed at 5am just to watch the beautiful sunrise in Bali because, but be warned because the sunrise in Bali is a rather fast event. It starts to rise at 5.30am and it will be totally bright by 6.30am!


Gorgeous view in the morning!

We spent most of our time at Bali in the hotel because the main purpose of this trip was to just relax and hang out at the hotel. The beach, amenities, and service at Sofitel Nusa Dua was really way beyond our expectations, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a luxurious getaway or even for a honeymoon!

Sneak peek of my next post on Bali !!

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Sofitel Nusa Dua Bali
Lot N5 Nusa Dua Tourism Complex
Tel. (+62)361/8492888 Fax. (+62)361/8492999
[email protected]


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