My ReLEx Smile Recovery and Jo’s Eyes Check Up

    Hi all, it has been more than four months since I did my ReLEx Smile Procedure in Optimax. I know a lot of you are really curious about my recovery process and how do I feel.

    Well, my recovery was fast and smooth! Remember I mentioned in my previous post, after my procedure I just took a nap and then I was off to have dinner in the mall.

    I’m glad that I chose ReLEx Smile instead because the recovery is way faster than the normal lasik. The doctor told me not to do sauna, swim and impact sports like playing basketball or football.

    I was required to return to the clinic the next day to do a post-procedure check to make sure everything is good. So I went back the next day, and after a few tests, the doctor told me I was good to drive edi! I can still hit the gym but make sure my sweat don’t go into my eyes to prevent infection and other than that I’m good to continue with my daily routine.

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