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Weekend Brunch at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua


Due to our over-excitement for the day, we woke up real early, around 7am, so we decided to hit the gym. Haha, I was willing to work out even though we were on vacation because I knew our trip was not only about getting tanned, it’s about putting on extra pounds too hahaha.

DSC06495Took a short walk around the hotel before breakfast.

**Warning- This post will be filled with lots and lots of food, if you’re hungry please avoid reading. I’m not responsible for any hunger issues.

DSC06471Like I have mentioned in my previous post, we stayed in Sofitel’s pool access room so we get to enjoy exclusive access to Club Millésime. “The stylish lounge provides sophisticated travellers with indoor and outdoor lounge areas and pool. Club guests can savour exquisite gastronomy, from daily breakfasts, all-day refreshments, afternoon teas, evening cocktails and wine tastings, as well as a variety of complimentary services.”

You may also purchase this access upon check-in if you’re staying in their luxury room instead.

I think CLUB MILLESIME is by far the coolest executive floor I have ever been to, imagine you get to enjoy your daily breakfast while avoiding the crowd and afternoon teas after your tanning session, EVERYDAY!

Let me show you the buffet table first, if you’re not a big eater or you prefer light breakfasts CLUB MILLESIME is the perfect place for you because they have a more limited selection on their buffet table compared to the main breakfast buffet in the hotel.

They also provide a ala carte menu where you can find lots of healthy options that you may not find in the main buffet.


DSC06464 DSC06462 DSC06461

 Now, let me show you what they have on the menu!

DSC06478Pancakes – Plain, banana, blueberry, or strawberry, with chantilly cream and maple syrup

DSC06479Jo, probably feeling guilty after working out, had the 3 egg white omelette with minute steak!

DSC06475Poached eggs, caramelized cherry tomatoes, sauteed spinach, fine herb mushrooms!

DSC06473Kampung boy ordered a typical Indonesian breakfast, stir fried rice, chicken, fried egg and prawn crackers!

DSC06469Happy kids at breakfast!

DSC06468 I started with a plate of salad and ham.


We tried to avoid filling up our tummies too much ’cause we had booked an hour long couple spa session. Hahah, I didn’t want the masseuse to think I was a whale rolling on the massage table….

DSC06501City and I at SO SPA enjoying ginger tea before our couple massage!

DSC06502 I’m in love with their wood craft decoration, it’s so cool!

DSC06500Hot towels and a cup of hot ginger tea before the spa session.

DSC06504Jo and I were brought into a couple’s spa room. We took our time to change into our bathrobes and slippers at their changing room.

DSC06505Mirror selfie at the changing room!

DSC06506Our satisfied faces after an hour of body massage, it was so good! I dont remember when was the last time I had a full body massage but it’s so good! The ambiance and service at SO SPA was really good!

Just like any other beach holiday, what do you do after a nice and relaxing spa? YOU FEAST!!!!

Ever since we decided on the dates of our stay in Sofitel, I have been following their Instagram account! One day I saw a picture they shared of a buffet table full of seafood like oysters and salmon! I was like WAW, why this buffet looks so damn good one, must try since it’s right in our hotel! So we just had to try their Weekend brunch at Cut Catch Cucina restaurant!

Cut Catch Cucina Sofitel weekend brunch starts from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm every Sunday, and I highly recommend you guys to skip your breakfast and wait for this brunch because you need a lot of space in you tummy in order to try all the food that they’re serving! It’s around IDR 399,000++ per person (RM112++) with unlimited soft drinks, red berry iced tea, mango iced tea, virgin mojito and mango tango! They also offer another two packages that includes wine or champagne!

DSC06519Besides the buffet table they also offer a fine dining dishes on their ala carte menu, and they are all complimentary!

DSC06521I love the combination of wood and metal in interior design!

Let me show you what Cut Catch Cucina have on their buffet table.



Unlimited oysters, clams, crabs, prawns and etc. Just pick whichever you want and tell them how do you want it to be cooked, served raw, steamed or grilled.

DSC06529I dont know why I’m suddenly in love with ham and smoked salmon for no reason! Maybe cox it’s not that fattening T_T

DSC06530DSC06531They also provide all sorts of cold cut meats if u’re a big fan!





The MEAT section! You can choose your own meat and they will cook it for you and try out all their side dishes too! They have all the French classics like potato gratin!

DSC06533For the sushi lovers.

DSC06540P.I.Z.Z.A, Give me PIZZA!

DSC06541The most happening salad bar I have ever seen! Make your own or pick from what they have prepared for you.

DSC06542The pasta sectio! As usual, just let them know what kind of sauce you prefer and they will make it for u!

dessertFor the sweet tooth? You know u want it XD

DSC06547Kampungboy had more than a dozen oysters, I was so impressed hahahah

Now let me show you what they have on the ala carte menu! They all are tasting sized, so dont worry about over ordering.

DSC06545The appetizer board.


Butter poached lobster tail, squid ink tagliolini, red papper marmalade!

DSC06552Pan seared foie gras! Which restaurant serves foir gras in their buffet? Isnt this awesome!!!

DSC06555Pan seared scallop mousse, this was my favorite!

DSC06557Crispy soft shell crab with bun also very nice!!!

DSC06559250 days grain fed cube roll and sticky oxtail!

The best part is that you can order every single item from the menu, just make sure you DON’T WASTE FOOD. Have fine dining for brunch, I LIKE!

DSC06561Oh and don’t forget about the desserts. Chocolate fondant!

DSC06562Caramelized white chocolate poached pear galette, green tea ice cream!

DSC06564Creme brulee, sour raspberry yogurt!

For RM112 you get to enjoy all these fine dinning dishes in addition to the buffet, why not!!

DSC06575After a long and satisfying brunch, we headed to the beach!

JWL_9816 JWL_9810 JWL_9797 JWL_9795 JWL_9788 JWL_9786 JWL_9845 JWL_9873 JWL_9875 JWL_9877

To be continued…


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  • Reply Mr Syamsid

    Wow with price like that , It seems like the price quite reasonable too .. This should be “favourite” list on the next month . Thanks for the info tho nn

    June 19, 2015 at 9:57 pm
  • Reply Marlboro

    Love your photos very much…

    Can I know :
    1. What camera did you use ?
    2. They were post processed, right ? Which software did you use ?

    I wish my photos are as nice as yours…

    Please keep posting

    April 22, 2016 at 2:50 pm
    • Reply bobostephanie

      Hi thanks! In the post I used 2 different camera which are Nikon D300 and also Sony Nex-3N! I edited all pictures using Photoshop =)

      May 5, 2016 at 3:10 pm

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