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So, for those of who are following my Instagram should know that I have recently traveled to Seoul with The Face Shop! It was indeed a short but super fun trip because of the company (Sasa, Bell and Akiyo!) I had with me and also the weather was great!

I have never been to Seoul and when I did, I visited Seoul twice in a row. Seoul has been always in my to-visit-country list after watching every episode of Runningman. My first visit to Seoul was a month before this trip, I went there on a leisure trip with Nana and Karen. It was OK, we didnt really have much time to explore around because we spent a lot of time figuring out the subway route wtf, we were literally lost hahahaha and we stayed in Gangnam which is super crazy far from all the shopping areas FOL.

Anyway, when I knew that I will be going back to Seoul with TFS I was pretty happy because I really want to revisit Seoul and explore more! I was secretly hoping I will be staying at Myeongdong or other parts of Seoul but guess what, I’m back in Gangnam again hahahha. To be honest, after my 2nd visit to Gangnam I sort of like it here! Ok let me share some pictures and caption instead of just words.


We took the mid-night AA flight from KUL to Seoul! Thanks TFS for the flat bed seats and TFS even prepared a set of toiletries for us to clean up and pamper our skin in-flight!! Thank god for the flat bed I slept like a baby the moment we took off till we landed.


When we walked out from the immigration! TFS sent 2 oppas to greet us at the hall with a welcome board =)


Feeling super refreshed and energetic even though it was a long flight hehehe. The weather was amazing, super sunny but the temperature was around 1 degree Celsius.


We got checked in into our hotel, took a short rest and a hot shower then off we went, out to explore!


I honestly think that when u have your holiday mood on, your makeup skill will secretly improved de le!


First thing first, FOOD! The weather was perfect for a hot bowl of spicy soup so I suggested to have “hangover” soup that was nearby our hotel. I came to this restaurant last month with Nana and Karen and I loved it! It’s not too touristy, it’s filled with locals so I’m sure it’s quite authentic la. This time I ordered a normal beef soup instead of a spicy one but I still prefer their spicy soup instead.




After lunch we went to Express Bus Terminal underground shopping street! If you have never been to the underground shopping street you should check it out because their prices are not too expensive, it’s quite reasonable.


After spending few hours at the shopping street, we went to Sinsha to visit the LINE store, mainly just to take pics with the famous Cony bear lol.

IMG_2526 (1)

IMG_2521 (1)

The most exciting parts of my Korea trip was when it came to lunch and dinner! We had no idea which bbq restaurant we should go to so we randomly walked into one in Sinsha-Gu. IT WAS SO GOOD! Their meat was so tender and juicy! We ended up ordering 4 different meats and we finished everything! The price was quite reasonable too if I’m not mistaken it was around RM200 plus for 4!





The main reason why I was in Seoul was to attend The Face Shop Key Leader Opinion Invitation 2017! I feel so honored to be chosen as part of the #KOLI2017! Our 2nd day started by attending product training for Dr.Belmeur & Yehwadam, and the training was done by Ms.Grace Choi. Im currently using Yehwadam anti-aging range and I love it!



We were also given the chance to try out The Face Shop Flat Lipstick and Monocube Eyeshadow which will be launching this month!



Finally get a chance to learn the steps to achieve Korean effortless look done by Mr.Kisung Lee (hotpinkceo).


A Christmas tree that was decorated using The Face Shop Christmas edition products!


Then we went to check out The Face Shop store in COEX mall which was just opposite our hotel. I was super tempted to buy the whole Christmas limited collection products but most of them were sold out T__T



We were given a few hours of free and easy time to check out COEX mall and get some rest before dinner! We spent most of our time at this beautiful bookstore! I’ve been here a month ago but didn’t have enough time to take pictures and explore. You have no idea how many times I climbed those escalators just to capture the perfect shot!


OOTD in the cold hahahha.

DSCF4992After a long and eventful day, I saw these in my hotel room!! Thanks TFS team!

Day 3


The next morning we woke up at 5.30 am because we will be heading to a ski resort! Obviously I needed to learn how to ski first and I had the chance at Gonjiam Resort!



Had lots of fun skiing but I dont think it’s the sport for me la…

DSCF5096After a fun day at the ski resort we went back to Gangnam-Gu to have fried chicken for dinner!


We also celebrated Belle’s birthday in her room! We surprised her with a cute cake with soju. It was a really fun and memorable trip.

Last but not least, thanks to The Face Shop Malaysia for this opportunity.



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    Hi! No review of face shop products ?

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    OMG youre sooo lucky! Travel others country is definitely a must; at least we can have their food!

    February 2, 2018 at 12:23 am
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