Highlight and Tips From My Previous Bali Trip

I know a lot of you have been bugging me to share my previous visit to Bali but I didn’t really have time to do it until now.

If u’re here to look for some photography tips in Bali please check out this post instead.

Ok now back to the original topic, where do I begin? Lets starts with the question I’ve been asked the most, “Why Bali?” “What do you love Bali so much that u keep going back?”.  Whenever I say I’m going to Bali again the reaction I get from my frens are “AGAIN?”

So, why Bali?

Well, first I would say it’s their beaches then it’s their food and then their hospitality. You all should know me by now, I love beach holidays, I have visited a lot of beaches but the one that I love the most would be Ulu Watu, Bali. It’s more like a surfers beach than those tourist beaches.


How can u not like beaches like this? It’s so relaxing to just listen to the sound of waves and getting toasted under the hot sun.


This beach that we went is called Blue Point Beach located in Ulu Watu. The last time I went it was known as a surfer beach so there wasnt a lot of tourists but this year it’s slightly more crowded than last time.  If you’re planning to go expect to see a lot of tourists holding umbrellas taking pic of the beautiful view. Well if u prefer some where more quiet, you can always move down to the end of the beach a little.



If u’re not a person who is into tanning, this beach has no shaded area ya! It’s all exposed to the hot sun so bring a hat or some cash to hire a local to set up a big umbrella for you.


This is how it looks like from above!

DSC04372If  you’re looking for a place for sun sets there is a bar/ restaurant that is famous for that! It’s called Single Fin Bali and please make sure you make a reservation before heading over if not you wont be able to get a good spot for sunset.


We also managed arrange a time to visit one of the many waterfalls which is located near Ubud, it’s called NungNung Waterfall. A few tips for those who are interested to go, please wear a pair of comfortable shoes and prepare to hike. You will be expected to climb more than 200 steps of stairs, I nearly died and I’m not kidding. It was so tiring that I promised myself the next time I will do more cardio before coming agian.


We went there pretty early because we wanted to beat the crowd but the weather was not as sunny yet in the morning so our pictures turned out looking very gloomy and dark. The wind on that day wasnt cooperating also…


Black sand beach… This location is where readers constantly ask about. It’s a volcanic black sand beach thats located right behind Soori Bali! All you need to do is to set your Google map to this hotel then u will be able to get to the beach.


We got there around sunset and it was a perfect time to take mirror effect pictures! Jo did a great job in planning the timing for each location that we visited.

Thank god we decided to self drive instead. I will share about our self driving experience at the end of this post.


There is no shower room or wat so ever at that beach so make sure you bring an extra towel to dry yourself and etc.

Last but not least, where did we stay





I have been eyeing this eco resort for a while because it always fully booked whenever I try to book. It’s called Gravity Bali Hotel and they only have 9 rooms available and each of them has their own unique design and layout. There is a lot of photo opportunities at this resort, every corner is picture worthy! The most beautiful spot would be the swimming pool area! I woke up extra early to take this shot lol, u need to do what u have to do for a perfect picture right?


This would be the dining area, they dont have a proper restaurant at this resort. You can choose to have your complimentary breakfast in your room or at this common area.


This was our room, everything was pretty much made by raw materials.



Even the lighting. Ok, I need to share a some things about this resort, if u’re aiming for a luxury stay then this resort is not really the perfect one for you. But, if u’re up for a little eco friendly and close to nature kind of feel, then this will be the perfect one. There is bugs every where even in our bathroom so dont be surprised if you see little visitors  in ur room here and there hehe.


The bathtub area… Their bathroom is sort of like an open concept design so you will be showering under the moonlight and all.





Our own little deck.





Overall, I had a great time staying at Gravity. Their staff were really friendly and helpful! Our flight on the last day was at 9am in the morning and the staff offered to deliver breakfast to our room at 5am.

The rate for the rooms depends on the season and date you choose. If I’m not mistaken our room was RM510/ night including breakfast.

For this trip, we decided to just chill and sun tan at the resort so we didnt really plan any dinner spot or cafes. We just ate watever we can find around our hotel and surprisingly there is a few nice salad bowl cafes near our hotel! Bali is definitely the perfect place for those who are interested into eating clean because their salad and poke bowl are yum! We tried Poke Poke in Canggu it was very good!

Now, the most important tip of the entire trip is to rent a car in Bali.

So few weeks before our trip, Jo made a booking from a car rental company in Bali. We booked a Suzuki Karimun Estilo which is a small car but when we arrived the guy told us the car we booked is in the workshop 😒 so we had no choice but to go with a bigger car which was a Toyota Avanza.

We managed to negotiated to 700k for 3 days (Toyota Avanza) instead of 750k. The price for Suzuki was 510k for 3 days.

Anyway here are a few tips for those who are interested to self drive in Bali.

1. Rent a manual car because it’s cheaper than auto but only if u’re familiar with driving a manual car. Jo is really good in driving a manual so we had no problem renting a manual car.

2. We were glad that they gave us a Toyota Avanza because it was super rugged and high enough because many places we went to didn’t have proper roads. It was like jungle trekking but using a car instead of ur legs 😅

3. Get a pocket wifi because u NEED it for Google map! Google map is super useful in Bali, it leads to u any roads inside Bali and skips most of the traffic. 😏 Some roads are so narrow that I tot we were going to fall down the hill 😓. We rented our wifi from Javawifi it was around 24 USD for 3 days.

4. Bring a small Bluetooth speaker for songs.

5. Power bank or car charger for ur phone or devices because u won’t want ur phone or pocket wifi to run out of batt 😅 no gps confirmed lost

6. Petrol price almost same as in Msia.

7. Make sure ur hotel has free parking.

8. Expect to pay parking fee any where. Usually it’s from 2k – 10k which is not bad at all.

9. The car rental didn’t ask for our license but Jo brought along his international license to be safe. So it’s better to have an international license with you than getting into a trouble.

I think that’s it. I can’t think of anything else. If you have any question regarding to this please feel free to leave a comment!

Last but not least, I have made a short video to summarize my Bali trip!

I will be heading back to Bali again in Oct, this time we will be visiting places that we have never been to like Canggu and some other beaches!

Till then!



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