#BoboInSapporo Pt.3

OMG, so sorry everyone! I totally forgot that I had not finished blogging about our trip to Sapporo in Dec ’16! Anyways, here’s the final part of this series, so please enjoy!

If you haven’t read about the previous day when we visited Lake Toya and Noboribetsu, please click here!

We woke up early the next day because we had a full day’s itinerary. Our first stop was Yabuhan Soba in the nearby canal town of Otaru. This restaurant is over 60 years old and has been making soba from local buckwheat since then.


The soba noodles were super springy, cooked to perfection, and very tasteful!

DSC03587 DSC03586

Add freshly grated wasabi, spring onion, radish and ginger to the dipping sauce to complete the experience! We would come back to Otaru later in the evening because we planned to drive over to Nikka Whisky Museum in Yoichi first as they close earlier.


After going on a short tour to see how whisky was made, you can visit their bar and try out some very rare and elusive bottles that you cannot find anywhere else!

The shots were pretty expensive but still much cheaper than paying thousands of dollars to buy a bottle and to never open to taste because they were to exp…

Im not much of a whisky person but Jo said the very rare 17 yr on the left was the best he’s ever tasted, even better than the 21 yr on the right.


If you just want a free drink, you can skip this section and head over to the last section where they have unlimited free drinks! I tried the grape brandy and it’s pretty good but a bit sweet for me.

DSC03639 DSC03636 DSC03632

After that we headed back to Otaru to see the canal and try LeTao cheesecake! We reached at around 5pm but it was already dark, but the good thing was that we could see the lights reflected in the canal.

DSC03640 DSC03653 DSC03652

The weather was very, very, cold that night so what better way to warm up than a piping hot bowl of spicy miso cha siu ramen at Ramen Tokaiya! Thanks to Kampungboycitygal for the recommendation because it was really good! I can say it was the best ramen we tried in Hokkaido so far.

We headed back to Sapporo after dinner ’cause we were quite tired by then. I’m glad we went back to get a good rest ’cause there was a surprise waiting for us the next day!

DSC03666 DSC03681 DSC03679

Yup, it finally snowed on the last full day we had in Sapporo! This brought back a lot of memories of walking in the snow to get to class back in Michigan and it reminded why we hated snow as much as we liked it…

DSC03703 DSC03720

Sorry for being a bit spammy on the pics but it’s too pretty not to share right! Even though it was snowing like crazy we decided to not change our plans and headed over to Hokkaido Shrine in Maruyama Park.DSC03719 DSC03717 DSC03716 DSC03715 DSC03712 DSC03706

Getting there was tough though because it was still snowing very heavily and the paths were covered in thick snow.

DSC03740 DSC03732 DSC03731DSC03747

In the end I think it was worth it as we took a lot of really nice pictures and the view was just too pretty!

DSC03690 DSC03685

We spent the rest of the day indoors or underground shopping as it stopped snowing but the temperature started dropping and the roads and walking paths all froze into ice.

DSC03749 DSC03771 DSC03752

For dinner we had Garaku Soup Curry and it was perfect for the weather! Soup curry is specific to Hokkaido so do give it a try if you visit.

DSC03789 DSC03796

Just had to have another bowl of ramen before we left Hokkaido and this time we tried Menya Kaiko’s pork broth ramen as we already tried Ebisoba Ichigen’s shrimp broth ramen when we first landed!

That’s all for my Sapporo posts, and hope you guys like my pics! Typing this post has really made me crave for good ramen, so we might head back sooner or later!!!


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