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Malaysians, It’s Time to Plan A Trip Yo!

Can you believe this? I couldn’t believe this myself because I tot Malaysia had the most public holidays in the world and people would be looking to travel. So why don’t Malaysians take holidays? I found this survey conducted by Expedia- it is said that 38.2% of Malaysians do not use their vacation days because of their busy work schedule. True? For me, I have a 9-5 job and I can relate to this because sometimes I have so much work in the office that I feel guilty taking leave to give myself a break. I have been telling myself this is very unhealthy because trust me, you will be more efficient and energetic after a short break from work.

When I was busying rearranging my pictures on desktop, I came across an album that I totally forgot to share with everyone! I remembered my trip to Queensland with Citygal for #Escapers2015! That was a great trip and I definitely felt more refreshed and energetic when I came back to work. Okay, I want to tell you about my trip. I have already blogged about Brisbane so now it’s time to share about my experience in Sunshine Coast. I’m going to cut it short and post a few pictures that I like and put in some captions ok!

DSC05777It’s ok if you’ve never been to Australia Zoo but I’m 100% sure you have heard of the “Crocodile Hunter” or Steve Irwin! Yupe, he is the founder of this well known zoo in Australia!

DSC05712While waiting for everyone to arrive, Citygal and I took pictures with Steve lol.

DSC05721Our task of the day was to take pictures with Australia indigenous animals such as Mr Kangaroo! They are running freely every where in the zoo, super cute!


But I personally still prefer Koala! I always tot they were small and fluffy but no le they are quite heavy and big LOL. It was like hugging a 2 year old baby.

P3030512I also took the opportunity to test my bravery and I got 100 points for that =) If im not mistaken the breed for this snake is the Woma Python!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also met Wombat while he was taking his walk in the Zoo.

DSC05728Then it was time for the crocodile appearance !!!

DSC05744Look at how big it is!!!

DSC05751 DSC05749

This is a very well known show !! The crocodile is HUGE! The show basically teaches you how to prevent getting attacked by crocodiles if u happen to bump into one and also what’s their behavior like. It’s quite interesting!


Coke zero and a chicken sandwich on a sizzling day at the zoo, super satisfying.

DSC05730 DSC05729I kinda miss my sun kissed skin le! I NEED to go to the beach soon!! There’s citygal, Bomb (BKK) and our leaders!


After visiting Kangaroos and Koalas, we visited Mooloolaba beach!



Look at how beautiful the weather was, and also the beach!!! It’s so perfect for sun tanning or a swim, why we dont have this in Malaysia le!!!


So sad that we didnt get to enjoy the beach most because we had to finish up our task for the day. Our task was to find a souvenir shop and convince the owner to give us a Mooloolaba t shirt for free LOL.

DSC05797Then our next task was to dress like a life guard hahahhaha.


DSC05805Tried out the jet boat for the first time and it was super fun!!! It would have been more exciting and fun if the waves were higher that day!


DSC05822My room for the night, complete with a back yard! We stayed in Novotel Twin Waters Resort… When I stepped into the backyard I saw a wild kangaroo hopping around the garden!

DSC05825My first experience with inflatable water sports !! It was so much fun but it’s quite torturing after a few rounds because I got a few cuts and scrapes on my legs and butt lol.


DSC05857Dinner under the moon and fairy lights with a group of amazing people that we met at #Escapers2015! Thanks Accor hotels, Queensland Tourism and Scoot Airlines for the great opportunity!

After typing out this post I realized how much I miss the sun, beach and tan lines. How I wish I could just pack my bags and head to wherever destination I want and do it once a month! The problem is that I’m just like any of you who has a job, family or school commitments, holidays sure dont come so easy and often for us.

So, going back to the survey I found online, I’m pretty surprised that most Malaysians only take half of their allocated leave a year! OMG to those who are guilty on this matter, please do something about it! You deserve a holiday more than anyone in your office lol. Here’s the survey if you are curious.


If you really need to take a break and go on a holiday, I suggest you guys to visit the Expedia Online Travel Fair happening now to 20 March 2016 at! You can check out all the good Flight + Hotel deals they have to offer! You can also participate in their contest! You will get a chance to win a 3D2N holiday package for 2!

How do you stand a chance to win this contest?

Step 1: Head over to Facebook ( or Instagram (@expediamy) and look out for the contest post that will be published on 11 March (Friday). This is how it looks like!


Step 2: Guess the exact holiday destination by looking at the hints on the contest image.

Step 3: Repost on Facebook or Instagram, tag Expedia and comment your answer with

“I am travelling to (Your answer)! Book now at


Oh ya! Don’t forget to make your profiles public k? So they can pick the winners. If you cant guess the location then I have a surprise for you! You can visit the Fair on 13 March (Sunday) from 2pm-4pm at PWTC and look out for me in the yellow Expedia t-shirt and I will give you a hint on the holiday destination in the contest post. This might help you win the contest! Contest ends 20th March, 11:59pm. So look out for me and say HI so that I will give you the hint for the contest *winkwink! Remember to mark your calendars and I will see you on Sunday!


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