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Dinner Date with Jo at TORII

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Last week we tried out TORII, a Japanese ‘izakaya’ style grill at TTDI, which is the first outlet of a branch at Batai, Damansara Heights.. Jo and I have always wanted out this restaurant cause its perfect for our date nights, where we can have some small bites over a few drinks and just chill for the night.



TORII has a full range of grilled skewered meats and vegetables, in addition to a selection of fresh sashimi, soups, rice or pasta, and also a very inventive and interesting selection of appetizers that are ideal to share.

They also carry a huge range of the finest whiskeys, from Scotch to Japanese and also numerous cocktails for those who prefer something sweeter.


Bonded Unagi & Foie Gras (RM29.90). Consists of grilled river eel, egg, and pan-seared foie gras. This bite was as rich and creamy as it’s name suggests. Slightly salty and creamy, it was just the right size not to be too overwhelming.


Kampachi Uni Jalapeno (RM34.90) with citrus ponzu sauce & black truffle salt. This appetizer was, to me, the perfect start to the meal as it was punchy and acidic, well balanced with the sweet and creamy uni. It was my first time trying uni and I was a little hesitant at first, but I can tell you that it’s a turning point in my life! It was sweet and creamy, totally not what I expected!


Avocado De La Mer (RM19.90) which is baked seafood, avocado, mushrooms, piquant miso & cheese. The cheese was nice and crispy on top and the seafood, including lobster pieces, were cooked perfectly.


Broiled Lobster Chowder & Crab Croutons (RM18.90). The broth was very flavorful and the crab croutons were very surprising! I thought the cubes were just bread but it turned out to be crispy soft shell crab! Very clever indeed.


Triple Peaks (RM26.90) which were toro, uni & amaebi on rice molehills.


Sizzling Beef (RM35.90) which were sirloin slices with BBQ sauce & crispy garlic. I removed a few slices to show you the perfect cook on the meat! The sirloin was super tender and instantly melted in my mouth!


Autumn Risotto (RM27.90) of crab claw, egg yolk, and asparagus. The rice was cooked perfectly ‘al dente’ and the crab claw were super fresh and sweet. Crack the yolk, mix it into the rice, and enjoy!


Torii Fried Rice (RM25.90) with foie gras, herbs, & garlic chips. I can never resist fried rice and this was probably one of the best I ever tried.

Finally we moved on to the stars of the show! Haha, I am personally not a heavy eater so I do prefer the skewers as they were a bit lighter and as you order by the skewer, you can definitely try out more things!


These Veal Chunks (RM15.90) were definitely my favorite amongst all the other amazing dishes! Simple in execution, but amazingly difficult to perfect. The veal was cooked to absolute perfection! Great crust on the outside and amazingly tender inside. They melt on the first bite!


What more perfect combination can you possibly ask for? YES! Kirin Beer and Japanese grilled skewers, a match made in heaven. The beer was served ice cold, and perfect to go with one skewer after another. Consume one dish, take a drink to cleanse and freshen the palette and then start again! Hahaha, Jo definitely enjoyed the pairing as well.


Cheat day so might as well enjoy myself!


Next up was Chicken Wings (RM8.90) and again, amazingly simple but cooked perfectly. The wings are only seasoned with sea salt, and then grilled. The skin was super crispy, so crispy that I initially thought they were fried.


Then we had Rock Lobster (RM11.90) with scallion & garlic chilli sauce. The rock lobster were juicy and tender, and the sauce provided just enough kick to complement.


Lastly we had Squid Tentacles (RM10.90) with sea salt & tangy salsa. This dish was similar to the rock lobster before but the squid tentacles provided a great bite as they were crunchy and juicy.

Hahaha, I know right, I can recall how full we were that day after writing all this, but nonetheless, we also had dessert, which were also very good! This is a recurring theme of this post, everything was very well cooked and some dishes were very inventive and interesting!


First we tried the Green Tea Crème Brulee With Chocolate Lavender Ice Cream (RM24.90). The green tea crème brulee was soft and tender, and a strong macha flavor, a little sweet and bitter at the same time.


Then we had Nuttla Gyoza With Chocolate Ganache & Whiskey-N-Raisin Ice Cream (RM24.90). The gyozas were very crispy and light and Jo really liked their take on rum and raisin ice cream. The substitution with whiskey made the flavor more intense and less sweet compared to the typical ones.

Overall I rate the food and ambience very highly, and we had a great night out. We really enjoyed the Kirin Beer together with all the dishes served at Torii and we will definitely return to try out the rest of the grilled skewer menu!

Good news to those who are interested to try out Torii because they are having promotion for Kirin beer! Enjoy RM10 per Kirin glass on every Wednesdays & Thursdays (all night) but only in Torii TTDI !


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