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Panasonic Beauty Cafe

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So, last week while everyone was busying attending #KLFWRTW2015, I was busy getting ready to attend Panasonic Beauty Café. I’m sure if you have been following me you should remember I attended a similar event last year together with Audrey and Nana! Im so glad that I received another invitation from Panasonic again this year, it’s always fun to check out new beauty technologies that Panasonic has brought to the market. The event was held at Betjeman & Barton in One Utama Shopping Mall, perfect for ladies and of cox taitais =)


I was there slightly early so I get to take pictures in the photobooth without having to queue! The benefit of arriving early to an event =)


Then I was lead to a table with lots of Panasonic beauty products. I love how they allow us to feel and touch the products so that we can understand them better by playing with it! I will let you guys know which is my favorite hehe.


Say Hi to Nana, my soon to be neighbor! I told her she can come visit anytime so I can cook her dinner. OMG I sound like a mother now T_________________T


I still remember I was using Panasonic Warming Facial & Body Roller EH-SP32 the whole time at last year’s event lol. It’s super comfortable because it’s heated, you get to choose between two temperature settings  44c or 48c!


Say Hi to Cheesie, it has been a while since I last attended event with this hot mama!

DSC08185 DSC08190

Event started with a welcome speech from Panasonic representative then we have Yves Chong from Number 76 to show us how to style and take good care of our hair by using Panasonic EH-NA65 Nanoe hair dryer! It helps to dry our hair and yet still keep it moisturized at the same time, so you get shinny and smooth hair everyday!


After that Yves also demo how to curl our hair by using EH-HW18 Easy Straightening and curling iron! Panasonic EH-HW18 also helps to moisturize your hair while using it!


Trying out the Panasonic  EH-HE94 Head spa! It has 4-disc rotation massage brush head to be used in wet or dry condition! You can enjoy your little head spa in the shower or while watching tv. I have tried it and it’s so comfortable and relaxing!

DSC08203 DSC08205

Now, it’s time to introduce my favorite Panasonic beauty product of the day, the Facial Cool Putter EH-SQ10! It helps to instantly cool down our skin and shrink our pores! The Facial Cool Putter reaches about 10c (when room temp is 25c). It’s perfect for us because the weather in Malaysia is crazy hot and we are always exposed under the sun! When you’re hot would crave for icy cool water, so imagine the same thing applies to your skin! When it’s hot it will expand and with Panasonic cool putter, it helps to shrink your pores and tighten your skin! I can imagine lying in bed using it and applying a mask on my face!


Last but not least we have Aishah Sinclair, Panasonic Beauty Personality, to share her experiences and  her beauty secrets using Panasonic!


Finally we get to experience each and every Panasonic beauty product on the table!


Helping Nana to curl her hair using Panasonic  2 in 1 curler for KLFW haha.


I always wonder how to create a very retro/ pinup bangs and now I know!


EH-NA65 and EH-NA45 Panasonic Hair dryer, both hair dryers provide moisture while blow drying our hair but if you’re a traveler EH-NA45 is perfect for you because it’s foldable and more compact!


The Panasonic beauty products for ladies!


Then we have a little high tea session with macarons and English tea, thanks Panasonic for the invites!

For more information about Panasonic beauty products, please visit


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