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Perfect Solution for Shiny and Healthier Nails at Home

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Look at this picture… Any of you actually carry these around when you’re travelling?


I DO! I’m not going to lie, ever since I started travelling more often, I realized how important is it to have a manicure set with me wherever I go. The reason why I need to carry a manicure set with me is because I always manage break my nails under any circumstances, no matter in the pool, beach, shopping or etc. My nails are considered very fragile and dry so it breaks easily. The problem is that it’s quite troublesome to have to carry a bag full of metal clippers and scissors but I have finally found the perfect solution for this situation!


Scholl has finally come out with the best solution for people like me, an electronic nail care system *screams*. Most of you should already know Scholl, as they are the first choice for healthy and better looking feet. Now they don’t just take good care of your feet, they take care of you nails too! How amazing is that!

How it works?

Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System comes with a nail system file with 3 different heads for filing, buffing and shining both toe nails and finger nails. The great thing about it is that it uses 1 AA battery (included), there is no need to carry along a charger or whatever and you can easily get a 1 AA battery anywhere you go!

Let me show you how to get a perfect natural looking and shiny nails in 3 steps!

IMG_3751 IMG_3748

First, put the file head (1) on the nail pen, switch it on and choose speed from 2 speed options. You don’t really need to do much if you’re using Scholl electronic nail care system because it will vibrate and file your nails itself. All you need to do is to slowly move it around to achieve the desired shape you want.

IMG_3752 IMG_3747

Secondly, put on the buff head (2) to even out imperfections and smoothen the nail surface.

IMG_3753 IMG_3749

Lastly, put on the shine head (3) and shine the nail surface in a circular motion. Apply light pressure for best results.


Then, you’re done!! For the best shiny touch you can apply Scholl rich cuticle and nail oil.

IMG_3746 IMG_3745

Another good thing about Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System is that it’s very light and compact. It can be used at anywhere… You can do it sitting on the sofa while watching the TV or at the table haha.


If you were to ask me what’s the MUST bring on a trip, I would say a nail care system =) If would like to have one for yourself too feel free to visit LAZADA web site because they are having promotion for Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System if you use the promo Code FILE30 but do it quick because it’s only valid from 7 – 31st March for RM30 off.

May everyone have perfect and shiny nails =)


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