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Your Favourite Look Newer For Longer

Most of you should already know that I have recently moved to Melaka for my new job. Moving
to Melaka was the biggest step I have had to make in 2018 because Jo and Babyboy can’t move
to Melaka with me. Jo has his career in KL so we’re basically on a long-distance relationship
So, looking for a new unit to rent in Melaka was pretty easy because there are a lot of brand
new condo units available near my office. The only problem was that I will have to buy myself
new appliances like a washing machine T__T.
Thank goodness my prayers were answered because Electrolux contacted me to do a review on
their latest washer and dryer called the UltimateCare™ range (EWW14113). I have been using
Electrolux appliances for a few years now and I have to say I have zero problems with them. To
be honest I have never put so much expectation when it comes to a washing machine because
for me it’s just to wash my clothes. I’m always in air-conditioned spaces so my clothes will
hardly get really dirty or stained unless I order a bowl of laksa noodles for lunch but other than
that I’m good.


Long story short let me share a little on how good is the Electrolux UltimateCare™ and which are
my favorite functions. Basically, there are many benefits of the machine, and firstly, it helps
make your clothes’ color stay vibrant for longer. Secondly, it has a load sensor to display your
laundry weight. Third, it helps to reduce energy and reduce cost. Lastly, it has the coolest function which is the add clothes feature. Now let’s look into them one by one and how it helps in my aunty life.


It has a lot of individual settings to choose from so it makes our life so much easier. Just throw
in your laundry and select which setting accordingly then press start! As for me, I use WashDry
60 setting the most because this setting washes and dries my laundry in 60 minutes which
means by the time I come back from the gym my laundry is done!



The unique function of Electrolux washer dryer is called UltraMix™. The UltraMix™ technology pre-
mixes the detergent with water before spraying the dissolved solution into the drum, this actually help to dissolve the detergent completely and activating
it to its full potential. By using this technology, it gives you exceptional washing results at low

temperature. Low temperature means less energy and less time. You can easily keep your
clothes colors vibrant for longer!



Another function that I really like is the Vapour function which basically helps to relax fabric for
deeper cleaning. Besides that, it also helps to “refreshen” up my clothes so my clothes will feel
soft and smell good especially for clothes that I seldom wear on a daily basis.

Time Manager

With all my crazy working hours and also travelling, I don’t really have a fixed time to relax or
do my laundry. What I love about this washing machine is that it comes with a time manager
function for busy people like me. What I do is that I will throw my laundry in the machine then
set a timer on what time I want my laundry to be ready. In this way, I don’t have to worry about
having my nicely washed laundry sit in the machine for too long. The time manager lets you be
in control of your own washing time better than any other machine!

Well, I guess all the functions that I mentioned are good enough to convince you to get one for
yourselves, right? If you want to keep your favorites clothes look newer for longer, you know

what you need. For more info check out https:// bit. ly/Electrolux_FashionCare



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  • Reply Zoe

    What detergents do you use for your ultramix washer?

    July 31, 2018 at 7:39 am
    • Reply bobostephanie

      Hi, Im using Downy!

      August 1, 2018 at 4:45 pm
      • Reply zoe

        Downy is a fabric softener not a detergent.So what detergent do you use?

        February 10, 2019 at 2:51 pm

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