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Whats In My Bag?

Yes, I finally have time to blog about “Whats in my bag.” *clap clap*

I want to make this post look more fun and creative so I did a stop motion video.

A few things that I must carry around in my bag…

1. My pink purse, it was a birthday present from my close friends back in the States. I always wanted a Balenciaga pink purse to match my Balenciaga giant city, now they are reunited.

2. Hello Kitty mirror, I got it from my mum a few years back.

3. I have a Victoria Secret lip balm, it was a Christmas present from Cheryl & Amin. It also came with 5 different colored and flavored lip gloss.

4. Candy! I have to carry candy with me every day cause I don’t want my mouth to smell like yesterday’s leftovers.

5. My car key. I love my Burberry keychain, I got it during my last visit to Chicago.

6. My house key and pepper spray. Nothing much to say about it…

7. Samsung mobile from my company.

8. Mosquito repellent! A MUST!! Mosquitoes seem to love my blood alot, grr..

9. Hand Sanitizer. Ever since I got my first sanitizer back in US, I got hooked and never stopped using it.

10. Mopiko! Do I have to say much about it? Damn mosquitoes!

Last but not least, my iPhone! It wasn’t in the picture because I was using it to take all the pictures.

So, You have seen mine. How about yours??


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  • Reply sgrmse.

    how’d you make the stop motion video? i mean, did you use some kind of a programme? how many times did you shoot a certain subject? is it difficult?

    January 16, 2014 at 10:19 pm
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