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Nasi Lemak Freak

P/S: This is not a food blog.

As usual everytime when it comes to dinner, I always have no idea what to eat. I always stare blankly and try my best to think what I’m craving for at that time. The clock hit 5pm and it’s time to think of what to eat for dinner. I was staring at my computer blankly and then Jo skyped me and said he was craving to have good nasi lemak. I always love nasi lemak, coconut rice, rendang, the nuts and ikan bilis, they are always my favorite! We agreed to try out something new, something different, we’ve tried Bandariya located at Solaris Dutamas. I love their fried chicken and some of the dishes, they have lots of varieties of dishes to choose from. It’s worth trying even though we had a hard time looking for the restaurant.

This time we tried something different it’s not local nasi lemak…

… it’s a taste from the east coast, Wau Penyu.

Very simple but well decorated interior.

Jo always orders a Ice Teh and I always have Teh O Ice Limau/ Ice Lemon Tea.

picture with no make up and my new glasses 8)

I ordered nasi kerabu with fish and chicken. I love their rice it tasted very different form coconut rice. It contains a lil bit of spice, ikan bilis and green beans.

Jo’s classic nasi lemak.

I will strongly recommend any one of you to give this restaurant a try if you’re bored of the normal nasi lemak u’ve been having at the mamak. I shouldnt have written this entry before lunch, Im torturing myself.

Thats it, a short food entry.

By the way, I’ve decided to have dinner at Bandariya tonight, I will definitely blog about it on my next entry.

Stay tuned!



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