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QingMing Festival

I had no idea what else I should blog about but I thought that it would be pretty cool to blog about what I did last weekend.

It’s worth sharing I guess.

Qingming Festival is when Chinese people visit the graves or burial grounds of their ancestors.

Mum told us that we had to reach there at 6.30am so I was forced to wake up at 5am on a Sunday! Woke up at 5am, got ready and double checked our stuff; it wont be fun if I forget anything.

We got there at around 6am and the sky was so dark! I couldn’t see anything, so Dad and I had to use a torchlight to light up the road.

It was so scary …..

Put everything into my backpack and I was ready to go!

Sorry if I offended anyone ==” The tomd of my great great grandmother.

Uncle bought firecrackers.


Reached the top of the mountain with broken shoes, hahaha.

Cousin spreading the “money” on top of it.


Me with no makeup and heavy eye bags ==’

Started praying once all the family members arrived.

Little lion at the “front door”

We had a total of 4 tombstones to be pray at.

Beautiful sky

My breakfast, rice dumpling and a hard boiled egg.

Personally, I love this picture =D

We had to make our own handle just to get down from the hill. There were no road or steps.

Blue sky

Cousins and I

Burnt it and we were ready to leave.

While coming down from the hill, the rubber soles of my left shoes came off.

and the whole thing detached from on my right shoe. It was so slippery and my dad was shouting at me asking me to hurry 0.0

It was a day to remember because I learned about my roots and my family’s background.


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