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Two is Better than One!

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Whenever I have dinner or lunch dates with friends I always tell them, “Err can stick to those restaurants that are not so expensive one ah?” You can say that I’m a cheapo la but I dont see the point of spending so much on a meal especially fine dinning. I always end up having to go get fries or roti canai after that.

I don’t mind eating at a restaurant that offers good food at a decent price, probably around RM30 – RM35 per person is perfect for me. The problem is where can you find such a restaurant? Well, I found one that offers affordable pricing in a cozy and comfortable restaurant, that’s TGI Fridays.

The moment I saw their MEAL FOR 2 promotion, I straight away texted Citygal from KampungboyCitygal whether she wants to join me to check out this promotion or not. Citygal is the sweetest because she never says no to my dates before haha. So, off we went to TGI Fridays!

DSC06206 We went to the branch in The Curve!

DSC06207 The interior looks a lot like those diners in the States.

DSC06208 Everyone’s favorites quote “Give me more FRIDAY’s”, seriously!

DSC06213 For just RM45.90++ you get to choose an appetizer, 2 main courses and a dessert (if you add RM10). Super good deal right? Without the dessert, it’s only less than RM27 nett per person le!!! Not to forget TGI Fridays portion is really big, I couldn’t finish the main course by myself. So 1 appetizer and 2 main courses is more than enough for the two of us!

DSC06211 My dinner date of the day was the lovely Citygal. *push Jo and Lex away


Let’s begin with the food shall we?


There are 4 different appetizers for you to choose from.

DSC06220 Chicken fajita nachos! Crispy tortilla chips with marinated charbroiled chicken breast, onions and green peppers. Remember to eat it with pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream! Nachos have always been my favorite when it comes to appetizer! Make sure you eat it once it’s served so that the cheese won’t soften the tortilla chips!

DSC06222 Nacho chili roll, bite sized tortilla rolls filled with cream cheese and spicy chili beef, topped with melted Colby cheese and corn pico de galllo.

DSC06223Bruschetta, grilled baguette slices brushed with olive oil, topped with marinated tomatoes, fresh basil and a basalmic glaze. If you have a smaller appetite or you prefer to leave some room for main course and dessert, this dish is perfect for you! It’s light and yummy!

DSC06227 If you’re a potato lover like me, loaded mashed potato cakes is a MUST have for you! It’s a flavorful combination of mashed potatoes, a Colby-Parmesan cheese mix, chopped beef bacon and caramelized onions rolled into a crispy cake. Make sure you dip it in the horseradish that’s served together!

DSC06232I’m sure after reading the menu you feeling like eating all of them right? I have a tip for you if you would like to try all!

DSC06230 Bring more friends with you! Even though the promotion is for two doesn’t mean you can only come in a pair! You can bring more friends, each pair ordering different appetizers and main course so you get to try every single dish!! OMG, I’m just way too smart la! From right  to left Tzia, Citygal, and Careen 

Main course

Each of you gets to choose a main course for yourself. You can either share or you eat it alone, it’s totally up to you.

DSC06233 What Citygal and me did was order a burger and a salad to share. We know that the portion is going to be huge so a salad and a burger are perfect for us. We chose the Friday’s cheeseburger served with crispy fries!

DSC06237As for the salad we had cajun fried chicken salad served with honey mustard dressing! The chicken was so crispy and juicy, it’s so well cooked! Because Tzia and Careen were there too so we sort of shared their main courses too T____T super greedy la hahah

DSC06235 Careen’s Hibachi chicken skewers looks so good man!! The chicken is so well grilled and the broccoli too!!

DSC06236 Tzia’s fish & chips looks good too omg how to only stick with one main course la, make sure you bring more friends la hahaha.

DSC06240A table that is filled with good food and good company! Jo and Lex sure very jealous one hahahha

DSC06242 There is always room for dessert yo, let me introduce you to the Fridays Sundae!

I couldn’t believe the amount of food that we had, and best of all, it only cost less than RM30 per person! You should totally try it yourself to believe it.

For more details of the promotions or the menu, please check out 

Burppp, please do not disturb currently in food coma.



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    Really sounds like a good deal!! nnAgree with you that fine dining is exp and not satisfying enough. Haha..nn

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    Good idea for me to choose the best mealn

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    so yummy! better ask my hubby for dinner date at TGI friday…

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