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The Most Tiring Week.

Sorry for the lack of updates.

I ‘ve been really busy since last Monday. I got all tied up with Chinese New Year gatherings and ang baos collecting.

It was really really fun till my family announced that we will hold a birthday dinner for Grandpa.

He is turning 80 so this birthday dinner thingy will be HUGE!

I’ve been asigned to get a decorator, 400 invitation cards, 400 cupcakes, a 3 tier cake, photo and videographer, and of cox my own red gown.

OMG, can kill me now.

I never thought I will be tat occupied with so much work. I have an infinite amount of work to be done.

I need an assistant! Maybe I shall hire an intern to do everything for me, ya man, I SHOULD!

This is the reason why I haven’t updated my blog for so long.

My daily routine:

7.30am- wake up and get ready.

8.15am- leave my house and off to work

9.00am – 6.30pm – WORK!!!!!!

7.30pm- Makan with Jo and lepak at the mall for a while

11.30pm – off to bed

EVERYDAY!!!! Can u imagine that? How to blog when I have sleepy eyes at around 11pm. I have been telling myself I have 700 pictures waiting for me to be edited and posted on my blog.

I still have 4 magazine evalutions sitting on my desk waiting to be completed.


In fact, I LOVE MY JOB AND LIFE NOW *shout out loud*. I’m all occupied with something that I love doing.

O yea by the way, Jo mentioned to me last night he has a surprise for me on Friday night. I cant wait to find out what; he says it’s something that I have been wanting and I will love it for sure!

Whats that, whats tat? *excited*

Here is the picture of my new love

well, till then…

BYE (back to work)


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    You had entered the adulthood, good that you enjoyed what you are doing. You are blessed!

    February 16, 2011 at 11:27 am
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