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Halo all, it has been a long long while since I last blogged about something related to my skin. The most asked question whenever I post a selfie is probably, “What is your skincare routine?” To be honest, I dont really have a fixed routine because as a blogger I receive a lot of different skincare from different brands. So when someone ask me questions about my skin I have no idea what to share because some products works for me for a while but some just dont work at all.

I have been looking for a solution to help improve my skin condition ever since I started working in Melaka, as my skin condition is getting worse. I used to have normal skin but after moving to Melaka my normal skin turned into dry skin, and the thing that bothers me the most is that I can no longer apply foundation on my face because it’s too dry that the foundation refuse to stay on my face. If I persist to apply them u can clearly see patches of foundation on my face T__________T. I was so upset that I stopped applying foundation on my face since then. From my liquid foundation I moved to just loose powder but the bad thing about loose powder is that it’s very dry and doesnt last long. Anyway, the biggest fear for my dry skin is that it will lead to aging, wrinkles and fine lines T___T. I didnt realized the seriousness till one day after I removed all my makeup I looked into the mirror and realized how much my skin has aged… (must be from the stress at work also la hahahaha)

Just when I tot I will have to live with this skin condition (because it’s a permanent job hence I will be staying in Melaka for a long time) I met my skin saver Dr. Loh from Edge Clinic. City gal was the one who introduced me to Dr Loh because she has been visiting their clinic for her skin problems and facials.

EDGE Clinic has 2 branches, Puchong and Old Klang Road, and I went to the one in Old Klang Road (Avantas Residence) because it’s nearer to my place and it has complimentary valet parking for the first 90 mins.

So first things first, when I sat down and talked to Dr Loh, I told her what was my concerns and what’s my usual skincare routine. She explained every little thing to me patiently and suggested me to give EDGE Collagen Booster a try! She told me she is also doing the same treatment and I can tell it works from looking at her face. She has flawless skin even without foundation on! I instantly agreed to give the treatment a try!

What is EDGE Collagen Booster??

EDGE Collagen Booster is a natural collagen & elastin stimulator, giving your skin a healthy, more youthful appearance. This treatment uses our body’s natural resources (ur own blood), which is then separated to obtain growth factors before injecting them back to our skin. With just one session of edge collagen booster, your skin becomes smoother and more radiant!

EDGE Collagen Booster is suitable for :
• Skin texture & scarring
• Dull complexion & open pores
• Aging skin
• Fine lines & wrinkles
• Sagging skin

First the beautician removed and cleaned my face then she applied numbing cream all over my face and let it sit for 30 min.

Then Dr Loh came in to take my blood, she was very gentle so I didnt feel anything at all. It took around 15 min for the machine to separate the good collagen from my blood.

In order to allow your skin absorb the collagen completely, they are using o.25mm dermaroller to make tiny little holes on your face. This roller is brand new and it belongs to you. They dont reuse it on others so dont worry about it =)

Roll, roll, roll! It’s not painful because the needles on the roller is evenly spread out on the roller and of course the numbing cream helps.

Here comes the good stuff from my own body =) Dr Loh mentioned that mine looks clear and yellowish which means my blood is very healthy and clean. Woo Hoo!

Then she massaged the collagen on my face to make sure the collagen absorbs into my skin completely.

Look at the instant glow on my skin after Dr Loh is done massaging the collagen into my face. There is no down time for the treatment because the redness goes away after a short while.

Immediately after the treatment, I did Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), it helps to speed up wound heeling, skin rejuvenation and also reduce fine lines and wrinkles!

The last step was to apply EDGE Whitening Snow Mask, it helps to give my skin radiance and does not irritate my skin.

This is my result on the same day I did the treatment. My skin is so radiant and smooth! Like I have mentioned there is no down time for this treatment, no scars, nothing, just shiny skin hehe

Dr Loh gave me the leftover collagen so I can apply it at night before going to bed. Just remove the needle then massage it on my face.

This is me the next day, I only applied sunscreen and blush! I dont need foundation at all and Im so impressed with the results! I have done so many treatments in different clinics but so far this is the best!!!

Once again thanks Dr Loh for being so patient and nice to me throughout the whole process! I will be back in 2 weeks to try out other treatments so till then!

Edge Clinic is giving my readers RM200 voucher for first visit on all treatments as long as it’s more than RM380 on single receipt. Just mention “Bobostephanie”.

Old Klang Road Branch
G-3A Avantas Residence, Old Klang Road,
58100 Taman Shanghai, Wilayah Persekutuan,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

03 7972 1353






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