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#boborenovates – Curtains & Blinds!

Bet you guys have never really put much thought into this right? Haha, I know, before we started renovating our house, to me, curtains were just a piece of cloth to block the sunlight and to block people from seeing me naked!

Once we started to decide on the design and colour theme for our new home, I realized what a big part curtains and blinds play in the overall feel of the space.

Here’s a look at our new place with no curtains or blinds! When we first moved in, our curtains were not ready and I’m not kidding when I say I got 2 tones darker. We were literally suntanning in our own house, LOL.

For all the curtains and blinds in our new house, we engaged Venetta Fabrics & Distribution Sdn Bhd, who are based in Nilai. We made an appointment with them and because we couldn’t travel to Nilai, they even brought us samples of curtains and blinds to choose from! Super convenient! They will also take measurements at your place, so once you confirm your order, you just need to wait for them to make the curtains and blinds, and they will come to install everything on a next appointment! Super easy and convenient.

We roughly knew what colour we wanted and shortlisted our living room curtain colours to either yellow, grey, or navy blue. After consulting with the team from Nafisa, we decided to go with a bright hue of yellow to brighten up our space, and also to contrast with our navy blue couch. Not to mention these are 90% curtains, meaning 90% of visible light will be blocked out, absolutely necessary for our corner unit.

If you dont have any idea on where to start, just ask the Venetta team and they will be happy to recommend you some options.


For our room, we went with a brownish grey colour to match our dark grey walls and wooden folding room doors. These are 100% blackout and they are double layered.




Installation took about an hour in total for all the curtains and blinds as everything is made to measure and fits like a glove.




Here is the final look of our living room curtains! Jo made a request to have the ends of the curtains not locked in place so we can draw the curtains fully open at night, or also tie them at the corners if we wanted to!




We also went with white wooden blinds for our seating area to complete the modern loft look for our house and they really turned out better than I expected! The sun doesn’t come in too much at this area, we just need to cut the glare when watching TV so wooden blinds will do! If you wish to have 100% blackout effect, you can consider curtains or roller blinds instead.

100% blackout curtains for our bedroom! As you can see, the difference between the covered and uncovered part is huge, and with this type of curtains, we can literally sleep through the day, our room is in complete darkness with the curtains closed!



Last but not least, made to order roller blind for our bathroom shower area. It’s important to get one that fits and covers perfectly if not I dont feel very secure taking a shower, haha.

I will blog about each part of my house renovation separately, so stay tuned for more updates!

If you’re interested, please contact Ms Chong 017 681 2868

Quote my name “bobostephanie” for RM100 off your bill when you spend a min of RM1500!

Venetta Fabrics & Distribution Sdn Bhd

No.231 & 232,
Jln Nilai 3/11,
71800 Nilai. N.S.D.K

Office:+6 06 799 6666
Telephone:+6 06 797 1542
FAX:+6 06 799 6668
E-mail:[email protected]


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