Taipei Walkers- Day 2

Day 2 in Taipei, it was quite relaxing because we got to sleep till 11am and spend all time in the world to get ready.

Cant really do that when we travel with our parents because they always wake us up damn early and Im talking about 7.30am!

Anyway, the weather was even worse compared to the first day. The sky was gloomy and it just wouldn’t stop raining!

Picture of us outside our hotel and also train station.

The 3 of us!

Dudu brought us to this restaurant that specializes in pork braised rice (卤肉饭) near her place which is around FuZhong Station.

Look at this, don’t tell me you’re not drooling looking at this pic! DONT LIE!

We also ordered a few dishes to share!

Du and Gin

Jie jie and I. I think we were the only two that were dressed like red packets in the restaurant…

FuZhong station (just in case you cant find it ==”)

Then we headed over to Long Shan Shi Temple (龍山寺)

They placed this whole lantern thingy at the front door and everyone has to walk under the lantern as a symbol of a brighter future.

Look at the amount of people in the temple, I think this is the only place in Taiwan that you can tell it’s Chinese New Year. ==”

Doing some praying ==’

Everyone at the back was like fighting to get nearer to the incense urn and the three of us were like happily taking pics there hahaha.

Jie bought cotton candy and finished the whole thing alone ==”

Taipei 忠孝東路 =)

I insisted to go this famous flour-rice noodle place when we got there! Here is the address 台北市忠孝東路4段17巷2號

Remember to add garlic and their home made sauce in to your noodle!

It’s all ready to be served!

The line was so long but surprisingly it moved pretty quick and it only took us 10 mins to queue, pay, and get our orders! Very organized and well managed I would say.

I’m so regretting not ordering the large lo!!!! I miss it so much!

Then they went to do the lottery thingy again. They forced me to stand far away from them because they say I bring bad luck!

On the way to meet another friend.

Headed to the night market for supper!

Dudu brought us to this famous stall for green onion pancake, damn good!

It tasted slightly different from the one I had previously. It’s more crispy and it was deep fried!

Deep fried milk!

It’s pretty good. When you bite into it, the milk inside melts and it’s not too sweet, just perfect when you’re thinking to have dessert and deep fried food at the same time!

We played this Mahjong game for a little while because I saw that they were giving out Hello Kitty merchandise.

Gin played her favorite game.

Everyone was exhausted, hahha, cant really stand any longer while waiting for our train.

After a 2nd day walking around Taipei I started to fall back in love with Taiwan.

The transportation is so convenient and the weather is perfect (not too cold or too hot)!

The next post will be a combination of the last few days that I spent in Tainan. To be honest, there is nothing much to blog about when I was in Tainan because I stayed home most of the time ==”

To be continued…


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    Hi bobo! where did u get ur lovely red coat? 😀 – love from australia!

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    Hi Ai, I got it in Forever 21 =) hehehe

    April 26, 2012 at 5:11 pm
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