Halo Japan! – Day 1

Yahoo, the post that you guys have been waiting for!

My Japan trip!

It’s quite hard to describe Japan in words, everything seems to be so perfect and clean!

Imagine even their public toilets (in the stations) are cleaner than our public toilets in the shopping malls!

Dont really want to comment about our country la, cannot compare one la. All I can say is just that I’m disappointed =(

I took over 500 pictures during my Japan trip and I had a hard time choosing which ones to post up on my blog.

Ended up choosing around 30 of them to share with you guys! Sorry a, this post will be a long ass picture post with just a little writting hahaha (I know you guys dont want to read what I write also one la!!!)

The most important part when it comes to traveling, I always insist to stay in a place that is clean. Well, at least the toilet has to be clean la!!! We stayed in Osaka Floral Inn Namba, it’s very near to Shin Sai Bashi.

Their toilet is my fav during our stay! (I edited the color of this picture so it looks yellowish but in real life it’s super clean and it’s white) The bathtub is so freaking small hahaha so damn cute!!! The shampoo and body wash they provided were the best shampoo & body wash that I have ever used in any hotels! Okla, I’m a kampung girl.

we took the late afternoon flight from KL to Osaka so by the time we reached our hotel it was around 1am. We headed out and looked for dinner around Dotomburi.

Everything was closed and we found this vending machine ramen stall. It was our first time using it and it was all written in Japanese!!! So we simply pressed hahaha

Actually it wasnt cheap to eat at the vending machine store. It was around 650 yen per bowl. After dinner we went back to sleep because everything was closed and we were exhausted!

The next morning, we spent whole day walking around Shin Sai Bashi!

Everything looks extra cute in Japan!

Not sure if you guys notice this but I always choose to have Mcd at least once in other countries! I love Mcd and last time my resolution was to try all the McDs in all the countries that I have been to! They serve pork burgers in Japan!!

Yummm… pork burger for Spring! Even their packing is in PINK with sakuras printed on it heheh

I used to have this key chain that looks exactly like the container they keep all the empty beer bottles in! I still remember I had one in red! So i told Jo, die also I want to take picture with it!

Bicycles every where!!! I saw a few cute ones and they were pink!!

Picture of me taking pic of a fake sakura tree hahahahha.

We were hungry so we walked around to look for food.

Found this restaurant that only sells Tonkatsu!

Then after tat we started our shopping session!

Thats what I bought on the first day. Diamond lashes was around 1095 yen per box, Hello kitty lashes box, double eyelids 398 yen, my heels were 2000 yen. I bought a white top from Emoda for around 5000 yen plus and a polka dotted pair of jeans from MURUA for around 11,000 yen, a headband for 1575 yen. I’m pretty satisfied with the purchases I did in MURUA and EMODA because their quality is really good and the most important part is that I dont have to alter my jeans because the lenght is just right for me!

Went to try out MIKI cheese cake! It tasted so different and so much better than the one I bought in BangsarVillage even though it’s the same brand!

I was so amazed by all the food that are on display in the shopping center food courts!

Me looking very happy with all my shopping bags hahaha

My personal photographer hahahha


Apparently the poster behind is pretty famous in Osaka. Anyone knows y?

Saw my fav shop HELLO KITTY and went all wild! Jo stopped me from buying everything so I only managed to buy a cute accessory for my iPhone =(

Cute sushi stall =)

All their restaurants look damn cute, it makes u feel like going in to all the restaurants!

Toy food!!! Japanese love showcasing their food with fake ones!!! It looks so real lo!

Tried my first Takoyaki and I didnt really like it ==”

Huge H&M store in Shin Sai Bashi!

I fell in love with their vending machines! I even asked my wedding photographer to included them into my wedding shoot and he did!

Look at the amount of people walking around Shin Sai Bashi hahha

Cute japanese slippers for kids!

Saw a few of them touching this little guy’s feet, I think it brings good luck hehe

Night view…

Even their manhole covers looks cuter than the ones in Msia hahhaha

Random restaurant

damn cute right!

Not sure what these are called…

Super pink lady in Osaka!

To be continued…


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  • Reply kimberlycun

    this post makes me miss osaka so much! jealous!!!!!

    April 9, 2012 at 4:37 pm
  • Reply Eve

    i find the stuff very expensive to buy, maybe i am just very poor 🙁 but because of this post, i will try mcD tomorrow ! 🙂 nice post!

    April 9, 2012 at 6:11 pm
  • Reply msbulat

    Aiyo…me missing Japan too…hahaha
    Jo very successful in stopping you from buying out the whole Hello Kitty shop leh! It’s hard to just end up buying one thing!

    April 9, 2012 at 6:55 pm
  • Reply Carmen Tham

    bobo, looking good there! more alive after quitting mindshare right?

    i cant wait to see your wedding photo… especially see you posting with vending machine

    btw, hi msbulat :p

    April 9, 2012 at 10:06 pm
  • Reply Tomoko

    haha I always feel why everything is sooo small in my house in japan when I go back… haha
    Osaka is very nice to place to travel ! 😀
    and their fashion styles and people are different from tokyo 🙂

    April 9, 2012 at 11:27 pm
  • Reply BoboStephanie

    Halo Kim! I know right. Osaka is such a beautiful place!!! =) Thanks you!!

    Eve- Come on, not just you ok!! I found it very exp also =( Im poor shit but Japan is def a must go place in Spring!

    Msbulat- what a cute name hahaha. YEA!!! so hard =(

    Carmen- hahaha i think so but I miss purple geek a lot!!!! wanna go back visit one day hehehe

    Tomoko- Hahaha yea Jo just wont stop complaining that how much he hate it cox he had to bow to the sink hahahhaa

    April 10, 2012 at 11:02 am
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