Rain Or Shine

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The thing I hate the most when Im travelling is unpredictable weather, especially when it rains T_____________T More so when I’m visiting the beach. When I was in Croatia, it rained on the days that Jo was there, and some times we had no choice but to stay in our hotel room till the rain stopped. I was so frustrated because we couldn’t get anything done! Luckily Jo was smart enough to bring each of us a portable umbrella, its good enough to withstand light rain or drizzle but not when there is wind or heavy rain. Unfortunately for us the rain in Croatia was like thunder storm ><”

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There were a few times I had to hide in a building to avoid the strong wind because I was so afraid it will break my only umbrella then I will have to end up wearing ugly raincoat .

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The problem with my umbrella is because I got it in a random pasar malam so it’s very cheap hahaha. It’s flimsy, opens and closes very clumsily, and will fold over on itself when there is a strong gust of wind. When it’s cheap the quality is bad la obviously and the color and design is just disappointing. It doesn’t match any of my outfits at all.

After our trip, I told Jo I need to get myself a good quality umbrella that will hold up when there is a storm/ heavy rain and also matches my looks easily hahaha. Jo was like where got such thing o?


Well, guess what! I found one that can fulfill my requirements, Blunt Umbrella!


The Blunt Umbrella is designed in New Zealand, home to some very extreme weather where other umbrellas will simply not stand up to.



Blunt umbrellas are the only umbrellas with a fully tensioned canopy, meaning it has superb structural integrity. An umbrella’s canopy is only as strong as the tension applied to the fabric stretched across its ribs.


Blunt Tips also forming part of the Radial Tensioning System redirects and transfers your effort in opening the umbrella throughout its entire canopy surface, so it is super easy to open and close the umbrella.



No more fumbling around awkwardly in the rain trying to open or close your umbrella! Not to mention the Blunt Tips are a safety feature as regular umbrellas have pointy metal/plastic tips that might poke people in a crowd.


Blunt Umbrellas are wind tunnel tested for unflappable aerodynamic performance that sits effortlessly in the wind and provides maximum control. No more umbrellas getting blown away or folded over!


Another good thing about Blunt is that it comes with a zipped pouch for storage, so no more trying to fold your umbrella neatly in order to fit a tight pouch.


Thanks Blunt for making our life way easier when there is rain =)

I’m using Blunt XS_METRO IN pink

Check out for more info



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