#BoboinBali – Ubud 2


After a short tanning session, we showered then headed off to Ubud town again for lunch! Took a picture at the lobby while waiting for our free shuttle to town. I love the natural curls on my hair when I don’t dry my hair completely after swimming.


For lunch, we went to have Babi Guling in Ubud town.

DSC01147 DSC01149

Since the weather was super good we decided to check out a few hipster cafes before heading back to our hotel. We walked to this cool cafe a few blocks away which JO found on Google haha.


I love how they customized the normal plastic chairs in to a rocking chair! It’s a pretty cool place to just chill for dessert and coffee!

DSC01154DSC01157Because it’s a hipster cafe, Jo’s coffee came in a tray with a glass of water and also a cookie.

 DSC01161 DSC01162

Then we took our sweet time to walk around town, the weather was burning hot but I’m not complaining because I want tanned skin! Saw this super cute looking Land Cruiser at the roadside and I told Jo If I were to stay here this will be my car =)

DSC01164Also found everyone’s fav Teh Botol less sugar! I tried the normal ones before but it’s way too sweet but the less sugar version is way better and I LOVED IT!


More temples along the way =)


Went back to our villa change into another set of bikini and continue tanning! I can get used to this kind of life! You might also realized my bikinis are getting smaller and smaller because this set is perfect for sun tanning yo! No ugly tan lines after that =)

DSC01178 DSC01185

Hahahaha damn mosquito bites on my butt T_T

DSC01208 DSC01210I’m very hardworking so I changed into another set of swimwear then took a few shots for an advertorial haha.


Bubble bath just because I brought my LUSH bubble bar along!


Our stay comes with a complimentary tea from 3-5pm everyday so we went to check it out. They served local desserts at the tea.

DSC01250 DSC01252 DSC01255 DSC01262

After our tea, we took a stroll around the hotel and checked out the beautiful rice field.

DSC01264 DSC01265For our last night in Bali we tried out an upscale satay restaurant called Arang in Ubud. Im in love with the interior of the restaurant, it’s something that I would love my next future house to look like!


Arang has many different types of satay from the classic satay to tender beef skewers served on a hot stone! I decided to go for something that we dont get to eat in Msia which was this Rib Eye Steak satay that was served on a sizzling hot stone! It was pretty yummy, the beef was so tender and you can control doneness of the meat yourself. If you prefer medium then leave it on the stone longer =)


Jo decided to go for something classic so he ordered a Bali Pork Satay which was pretty good too =) If you’re in Ubud go ahead and give it a try, they open for lunch and dinner!


The next morning it was time to head home so we took our time to get ready in the morning then walked to our breakfast area to have breakkie! I ordered mie goreng, and JO ordered their big breakfast. The Chinese girl inside me still prefers having noodle for breakfast more than sausages lol.

DSC01298 DSC01301After a long breakfast we went back to the room to take a few more shots of the room before packing. Im in love with Wapa Di Ume so much because it’s so quiet and the interior is just something that is totally different from the usual hotels that we stay in.

I will definitely visit Bali again and again. Thanks Bali for the perfect weather and warm hospitality!

Till then 


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