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Elegantology Fashion Show & Dinner

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Most of you should know, New York Fashion Week is happening this month. I always wonder when would it be Malaysia Fashion Week and I always wanted to experience being seated at the front row of a runway show!!! Hehehe sorry la my dream/wishes quite simple one, very easy to fulfill hahhaa

Anyway, I always tell people my dreams always come true when I keep thinking about it hahaha! Maybe ‘cause I aim very low. Anyway I was invited to the Elegantology Fashion show on Friday as a VIP guest!! Imagine, front row seats, free flow of drinks, delicious finger food, and the most importantly you don’t have to say “excuse me” to the person blocking you when you’re trying to take pictures of the models or the outfits you like hahahhaa.

A little background on Elegantology before I share my experience with you =)

Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant is a collaboration between noted Malaysian fashion designer Beatrice Looi and the oldest cognac house, Martell.  The joint effort to develop a creative space for emerging talent stemmed from a mutual goal of supporting the local creative platforms of fashion and gastronomy.

While Beatrice owns and manages Elegantology (under her company Scores Project Management), Martell is a patron of Elegantology.  As a patron, Martell provides funds to aspiring talents to start their own fashion line that will consequently nurture the local creative arts industry.

Martell’s patronage of Elegantology is a natural extension of its brand DNA as it has always had close links to gastronomy and the arts ever since it was founded.  Through collaborations with artists and designers, along with carefully curated exhibitions around the world, Martell has supported the arts – in film, music, painting, photography, sculpture, architecture and fashion.

Martell is also no stranger to nurturing young talent. Through its Rising Personalities Awards, Martell recognized and promoted up-and-coming individuals from various industries who have great potential to reach greater heights.

First we registered at the entrance and then we get a gold pin as a door gift!


 Hui Wen and my “gold elegance” themed outfit. Have I told you I love dress codes? Sadly not a lot of people dressed according to the theme though =(


Another fun part about attending events is that I get to hang out with other blogger friends! From the left, Nana, Joyce, Hui Wen, me and Jane !


 We chose a table and started to enjoy the finger food that they served. I super love their cheese sticks with the dipping sauce, so much that I’m still trying to figure out what are the ingredients because it’s really yummy!


Some finger food that they served before the fashion show. I love the cocktail shrimps, very fresh and juicy!


 The gold glitter runway, I WANT TO WALK ALSO!!!!


Hui Wen and I, seated at the front row hehehe

It’s time for the fashion show!

The collections carried at the Elegantology gallery feature timeless elegant pieces in limited numbers that are tailored for the most sophisticated of tastes, allowing the Elegantology man to rise above with style.

A team of fashion stylists is always on hand to elegantly style up clients and help them find exactly what they need – whether it is selecting an outfit for a special occasion or a complete wardrobe overhaul.

8 talented fashion designers showcased their own unique collections and I was lucky enough to be one of the people who got to see their collection LIVE hehe. Let me show you some pictures from the runway!

P9125554 P9125555 P9125547 P9125514 P9125564

P9125530 P9125534

After the fashion show, we were invited to the Elegantology restaurant for dinner! I was get super excited when it comes to fine dinning hahaha

A little background on the restaurant:-

The menu at the restaurant changes every two weeks to create new dining experiences.  The two resident chefs also regularly collaborate with rising guest chefs to refresh the menu and explore new culinary trends.   The restaurant does not serve a specific cuisine, but a lot of Asian flavors are incorporated into the dishes, which are a creative combination of unique and surprising ingredients that one wouldn’t typically see on a dish together.

The restaurant is not all about the food.  An entire dining experience has been created to elevate the senses, with a unique setting that allows customers to dine amidst an elegant lifestyle backdrop with limited edition clothes and accessories.


Super in love with the interior design of the restaurant. It gives you a very classic colonial feel the moment you step into the restaurant. A red and black theme with lots of mirrors on the wall!! Not to mention a digital fireplace, it looks like I’m dinning at Beauty and the Beast’s castle!


 Yea, this place is reserved for Bobo Siow Ji Yee hahahaha


Look at the crystal chandelier!!!


A glass of Martell on the rocks and a warm bun hahaha.


Appetizer was air-dried beef wrapped with pencil Asparagus. It was my first time eating air-dried beef and I have to say it’s pretty yummy! The Asparagus helps to balance out the saltiness of the beef.



I have to say this is one of my favorite dishes. It’s Yukon potato & Naganegi soup with foie gras. Although I don’t eat foie gras because of the strong flavor, the soup helped to balance the flavor and really brought it to a new level!


 Before the main course, they served passion fruit sorbet to help cleanse our palettes.


We were given two options to choose from for main course, and I decided to try their Kobe beef instead of codfish. The reason is pretty simple, I love red meat hahaha. I have to say this piece of beef literally melted inside my mouth! It was so tender and juicy, OMG I’m drooling just looking at the picture! The beef was so so so good!!!!


Desserts for the ‘sweet tooths’! We had maple syrup & walnut jaconde! Not too sweet and just nice to satisfy my sweet tooth!


While we were enjoying our food, a waiter came to our table and introduced himself and asked if everything is ok. The next thing you know he was showing us some magic tricks using the silverware on the table. Hahhaa magic show plus fine dinning sounds like a pretty fun idea to me =)

The fun night ended at around 10.30pm and we were given a small thank you gift before we left. Thank you Elegantology for the wonderful night and delicious dinner! Siting front row at a fashion show can be ticked off my to-do-list now =)

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