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Chinese New Year 2010

After reading CNY entry form my Bff’s blog, I got motivated to blog about my last CNY in The States.

As usual we always have our reunion dinner on the 30th aka New Year’s eve in Jon and frens’ place. Jon and Jo were the chefs of the day, they cooked, they prepared and they bought everything. As you all know that I’m going back to Msia for good in May, I’m pretty excited about it (倦鸟归巢). After 3 years staying here, I kinda miss everything back home. I miss celebrating important or special events with my family, I miss my small kampung. So I have made my final decision to head home right after our finals. If you’re curious I’ll definitely bring Nachoman home with me.

Ok back to my original topic…

Here are all the ingredients used tat day.

I was on my laptop the whole day while they were busy cooking.

I felt bad, so I walked into the kitchen and ask if they needed help. Well, obviously the answer was nope, so I took pictures of them cooking instead.

Preparing the sauce for  lao sheng.

I was assigned to cook rice, 8 cups of rice.

Jo’s homemade Lao Sheng.

I went back to my seat and continued surfing the net.

I’m a very traditional person when it comes to Chinese New Year, I always wear red on the eve and first day of New Year.

Then Bega came over early for dinner, so we camwhored.

Jo preparing Lao Sheng…

The final result of homemade Lao Sheng.

Looked like those Lao Sheng that they sell back in M’sia.

Boys being boys… Kept staring at the TV for some basketball match that was showing on the day.

Posed for the camera and then started to Lao… The higher the better.

It tasted exactly the same as the one I had back home.

Bega and I.

Super yummy fried ribs cooked by Jo

Spicy Shrimps cooked by Yenni

Lotus, peanuts and ribs soup by Jo

Rice cooked by Me *damn proud*

Mushrooms and Vege cooked by Jon

Steamed fish cooked by Jon

Steamed Chicken and bbq pork cooked by Jon

My personal chef

Yenni and I

Everyone was super satisfied with all the food.

After the dinner the boys got sucked back into the basketball match again…

After cleaning all the dishes, we started our usual activity- Poker. We finished the day at around 4am playing cards. My reunion dinner in The States is really sweet and warm, they made me feel like home. Thanks for all the company and laughter, nothing compared to a simple and sweet dinner I had that night with all my close friends.


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  • Reply Zoe

    Lesser people this time eh! I think it’s a good thing. Quite hard to cook for a lot of people…

    *damn proud! You blogged cause you read mine! LOL

    March 4, 2010 at 4:56 am
  • Reply bobostephanie

    Bff-Yea lo, it’s also easier to talk to each other =D

    March 4, 2010 at 12:40 pm
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