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False alarm

Hmmmm how should I start this post??

Ok, the story goes like this…

1 year ago…..

One of my close friend’s bf proposed to her in Paris. The main point was that he proposed to her when the lights of Eiffel tower turned on, isn’t it romantic!!! I’ve always wanted to have this kind of moment in Paris because for me Paris is the perfect place for couples to get married, propose or even to celebrate an anniversary. I was so happy for her that I turned to JO and started telling him about this ROMANTIC LOVE STORY.

Me:” JO! Sharon’s bf proposed to her infront of the Eiffel tower. So romantic right.”

JO:” Yea, no worries we have KLCC.”

Me:” wtf… u better dont.”

JO:” Yes, my plan is to propose in front of the fountain when they turn on the lights.”

Me:” From now on I wont go KLCC if u ask me to.”

Top: F21
Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Clog: ALDO
Bag: Mulberry Oversized Alexa

So, yesterday Jo called and said we should go to KLCC after work to jalan jalan. I agreed and was pretty excited cause they have Chanel and Mulberry there.

When I was on the way there, the thing he said 1 yr ago came to my mind. I was like FUCK, noooooo…

Me: ” Hello, y r we going KLCC again? Y not PAVI?.”

Jo: ” Just go la! They have topshop and stuff also ma.”

Me: “You better dont do something funny.”

JO: ” Yea la.”

When I got there I went straight to the ATM and he called…

JO:” Hey come to the fountain.”

Me: “Fuck, NO! Im not coming, stop being so lame.”

JO: ” Just come. I will be waiting.”


He hung up…wtf

I was pretty scared cox I would seriously hate it if he proposes in KLCC. Then I saw his tweet saying “Y you no realize your phone ringing.” I replied ” WAT TALKING YOU!!”

I walked towards the exit and saw Jo standing there. I felt very relieved because he wasn’t holding flowers or watever.

I pointed at him and showed him the “COME IN” sign. Then he walked towards me and…

JO: ” NO la I want to have dinner here.” (pointing at CHINOZ)

Me: ” I knew it, fucker.”


It was indeed a fun false alarm haha even though I was quite stupid but I’m smart enough to know that IT’S NOT TIME YET, NOT SO SOON.

I had fun guessing though, hahahhaa

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  • Reply Sharon Y

    Hey girlie this is class i was laughin mad, you are so funny 🙂 i am sure Jo won’t do that to you! you sound like you are expecting the bells though i wish you will have lotsa wonderful memories to keep from ‘the proposal’, lets keep our fingers crossed xoxo

    April 12, 2011 at 3:44 am
  • Reply Miu

    yea what a fun false alarm after reading your post, by the way Rome Italy is more romantic than Paris as i experienced it. Too bad that moment was with my soul mate not my honey~ otherwise may having french kiss in the middle of park 🙂

    November 14, 2012 at 12:31 am
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