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I’m sure many of you have noticed that I always mention my babyboy or furryboy in my social media updates and I’ve even received many questions regarding my dog. I just realized that I’ve never really properly introduced him before so this post is going to focus on my little boy!


Here he is, his name is Nacho but we usually call him by his other nicknames such as “bee” or “B-boy” or “bambi” which are all short for babyboy. He officially turned 9 years old this past April and he is a Yorkie-poodle (Yorkiepoo) mix. He started living with us when he was tiny and only 6 months old so it’s been 8 and a half years now! So many wonderful memories, OMG. We got him when we were studying in Michigan, USA, and brought him back to Malaysia a few years ago.


We actually took this pic on his 9th birthday!


This is his favorite lion-toy which I’ve actually sewed back together. When he was a pup, he used to destroy every new toy we buy him, so thank god he’s settled down now.


Favorite pass-times include lounging on our pillows, sun tanning, and playing.


Not to mention lots of napping too. What to do, my babyboy is actually very old now…

Anyway, it’s been the best 9 years ever and we have a lot of cute and funny memories together, seeing him grow up and also enjoying his companionship throughout all these years!

The main challenges with him are generally related to caring for his health, hair, and also dental health. Being a thick-coated dog, he is very susceptible to skin problems so we have to make sure he’s constantly dry, as well as his ears too.

The hardest part is probably brushing his teeth as he really doesn’t enjoy it at all and usually Jo has to be very strict in controlling him when brushing his teeth.

Recently I’ve noticed more plaque build up in his teeth and fearing that we might need to bring him for scaling, I started looking up for alternative options.


This is where Pedigree Daily Dentastix have really come to our rescue! They believe in making the world a better place for all dogs, so it’s perfect!


The patented X-shaped chewy textured treats are to help the cleaning between teeth and gum line. Now my dog can benefit from a fresher breath and better oral health too.


My boy was already very curious about them as soon as I brought them home!


And, he loves them! Look at him licking his lips and drooling here.

We have now embarked on the Dentastix 30 Days Challenge to improve his oral health, so I’ve also took up this opportunity to try and teach him some new tricks and challenges!

I thought I’d start with reinforcing some basic tricks with him first cause I was worried he might have forgotten what he learned in the past, haha. Babyboy is getting old you see!


Sitting and waiting for his yummy treat, success.


And also giving me his hand to shake, also a success!


He was very upset when I kept the Dentastix away so I knew he would have no problem paying attention the next time I try to teach him something new!

I will continue to do more and more tricks with him while giving him a Dentastix daily, so please stay tuned for more updates on his skills and also his oral health!

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