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So today as I was rushing from work to an event, I was talking to Jo about how busy we’ve been lately. If you’ve been following me on social media lately, you should know I was in charge of planning my sister’s wedding and décor, all while working full time and also attending events and blogging!

I know I’ve been updating my blog less frequently these days, but time management is one of my weaknesses! Sometimes I’m jealous of full-time bloggers as they seem to have so much time to constantly update their social media and attend events. I really did consider doing this full-time, but in the end I always tell myself I need a stable paycheck, hahaha. #auntylife

Anyways, recently I’ve learned a lot about managing my time properly, and arranging tasks to complete in a timely manner. One thing I realized, which plays a very big role in helping me keep track of my time and schedule, is a good watch.

To me, a good watch has to be many things, not just a piece of equipment that tells the time. A good watch has to be like a good assistant, it must perform many tasks for me! Not only does it have to tell time accurately, it has to be incorporated into my look of the day. It has to be the perfect accessory or even a statement piece to complete my look.

A few days ago, I was invited to attend the Titan Watch Moonlight collection launch the other day at Svago KLCC. I think god always listens to my prayers, just when I’m asking for a new watch I received an invitation from Titan Watch!

Let me share a bit of the background of Titan watch before I share some pictures that I took at the event.

Established in 1984, Titan Company Ltd. part of the TATA Group, is a USD $1.8 billion listed company, manufacturing more than 13 million watches every year. They are also the world’s 5th largest watch maker, with 135 million customers and counting, and also make the EDGE, the slimmest watch in the universe. Present in 32 countries so far, they are ranked 31st in the global luxury goods ranking.

They are also the 5th largest watch maker in the world; and we are privilege to have them distributed in Malaysia via Chronosoft Sdn Bhd.


I got there before everyone so I got to take my own sweet time taking pictures of the venue and of course, the beautiful watches. “Titan Moonlight collection is inspired by the beauty of shimmering moonlight and it’s the perfect symbol of elegance and sensuality. It is designed to accentuate and enhance the aura of the Raga woman.”


Mystic Luna. This timepiece captures the aura of the moon surrounded by floating clouds.


Crescent  Moon. It takes different forms of the slim silhouettes of the budding moon.

IMG_2148My favorite piece in the whole collection, Moon Lake.


Another timepiece that I really like but it’s from the winter collection.


The food that was served at the event was very good to my surprise. I kept going back to the buffet table to grab more fried chicken haha.


My buffet partner of the day was Huai Bin from Sixthseal!


Pretty Sabrina who won ‘Best Dressed’ at the event!


My blog manager, Sam, was there with us too!


Models showing the latest watches! Love all their gowns and the watches are paired to the gowns perfectly!


IMG_2157Group picture before the event came to an end =)

IMG_2159 IMG_2153

Thanks Titan for having us there and thanks for the lovely watch.


Instantly put in on once I received it hahaha. I always wanted a silver watch because it’s easier to match my outfits and it’s perfect for any occasion =)


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