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Our 5th Anniversary ♥ 1

Halo, Im back from my little getaway with Jo. It was indeed a very relaxing and quiet getaway. Jo is always the one who complains when I want to stay in and sleep all day long. When it came to this getaway, it was totally opposite cause he was the one who fell asleep real early and woke up late in the morning, hohoho….

Time flies, it has been 5 years since we’ve been together, so far so sweet. hehehe

We tend to travel around during our anniversary, we went to New York on our 1st anni, Mexico on our 2nd anni, Mexico on our 3rd anni and UK &Paris on our 4th anni. I always tell myself Im the luckiest girlfriend cause Jo loves to travel and he loves bringing me around too. On our 5th anniversary, he sort of mentioned we should go to a place that is more private like an island. Since he has been to PLR many years ago, he suggested that we should totally spend a weekend there as our lil anniversary getaway. When I first looked at the rates I kinda refused to go, it’s too expensive, and we’d have to spend so much staying in a resort which is located in Msia.

Then, he stopped planning for a few weeks and then he insisted we should spend our anniversary there, what else I could say, I agreed. Im glad that I made the right decision, the island is so beautiful. It’s quiet, the staff are really really friendly and helpful (they dont accept any tips) the most important thing is that the room is super clean and pretty! LOVED IT

We started our journey on Friday at around 6.30am (yes, to beat the traffic).

Now, let me show you guys some pictures along with captions…

Hohoho I’m so proud of myself cause I’ve finally learned how to pack wisely! ONE SUITCASE for 2 nights!!!!!!

Before we left, baby boy showed us his dont-leave-me-alone face. SO CUTE!

We bought a few snacks to keep us awake but fuck it I fell asleep the minute I got in the car ==”

By the time I woke up from a short nap, we’ve arrived in Bidor. We stopped at this famous duck noodles place named 珍品, it was so crowded!

Duck noodles

The noodles were really good but I didn’t like the duck. In fact, I dont like anything that contains chinese herbs.

We tried the fish ball and I loved it! I remember Jo and I were making fun of the uncle cause he specialized in selling Fish Balls in the store.

I was super awake after a cup of Milo Panas.

The weather was really good…

then I was curious why there were a few places that were flooded along the way, so I asked Jo…

Me: “eeeee, y is every where flooded?”

Jo:” Bo, If there is a body of water and there is a bridge on top of it, it’s called a river not flooded.”

Me:” ……… of cox I know.” (very defensive)

After 3.5 hours driving, we’ve finally arrived at the PLR office in Lumut Jetty.

We checked in at the office and they showed us to their private boat. They were really helpful and carried our luggages from port and on to the boat.

Camwhored before my hair turns into a mess

Jo and I =D

30 minutes later……………………..

We’ve finally arrived at our destination!

The guy in white is one of the friendly staff who was assigned to welcome all the new arrivals.

Breath taking view.

Welcome to Pangkor Laut Resort.

Dr Jaya was the one who showed us around and our room.

my tired-without makeup-hungry looking face

The staff showed us where we were and also where our villa was located.

Spa Villa for the first night.

Welcome letter from PLR. Yes, thats my full name  =D

Here are some of the pictures of our room

end of the tour

Once we got into our room, our luggages were already in the room waiting for us. This is the first time I checked into a hotel without having to move my own luggages or even touch it. I LIKE!

I was having a hard time looking for a nice beach bag but guess what! They provided beach bags and umbrellas for us too!

Top: TopShop

Pants: TopShop

Hat: F21

Heels: TopShop

Bag: Pangkor Laut Resort hahahahhaha

Sunglasses: Urban Outffiters

Bikini: Wicked Weasel

We headed to Chapman’s Bay for lunch

Lunch at the beach.

Greek Salad


Beef Burger

Daging Masak Merah


Deep fried ice cream

After lunch we went back to the spa village for a swim.

more pictures of me ==”

US =D Self timer rocks!

Love the color of the pool.

Random pic of my stuff: Nivea Spray on sun screen, cancan hat and a waterproof camera.

Spa village infinity pool

After an hour of soaking in pool and taking pictures, we headed back to our room, washed up and got ready for dinner.

We went to have dinner at Unlce Lim’s Kitchen, a restaurant that served Chinese cuisine.

The main entrance of the restuarant.

The interior of the restaurant.

A picture of me while waiting for our food.

Luckily I brought along my mosquito repellent. Mosquitoes were insane in the island! Imagine this, I opened the closet and 20 of them flew out from there, omg I freaked out and started cursing.

Duck roll

Salted egg chicken

The rest of the dishes that we ordered.

Got back to our room at around 9pm and continued killing mosquitoes for 15 minutes and then we both fell asleep at around 10.30pm. Another main reason why we fell asleep so early was because there was no TV in our room or any sort of entertainment.

I realized that when we started working our vacation seems to slowly turn into a holiday for sleeping. We fell asleep really early and woke up at around 9am in the morning every time we go for a vacation. Working life really changed our lifestyle especially Jo’s because he was the one who hates staying in the hotel room when we go for a vacation. He wont stop asking me to go out to have a drink or a walk but right now he is the one who falls asleep real early, hahaha Im not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

to be continued…


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  • Reply passerby

    the name of restaurant in Bidor is 品珍,not珍品.
    u should buy de restaurant biscuits – 香饼,鸡仔饼,萨骑马…it’s famous there~

    December 23, 2010 at 2:34 pm
  • Reply bobostephanie

    Opppps my bad …. haha Yea i know, My bf told me about it.
    Maybe next time =D

    December 23, 2010 at 3:36 pm
  • Reply Winnie

    i am just wonder that Pangkor Laut Resort gave you a bag?

    December 23, 2010 at 5:25 pm
  • Reply bobostephanie

    Hey Winne,
    Nope, just during ur stay, just like their towels and bathrobes.

    December 23, 2010 at 5:29 pm
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