3 Nights in Beijing – II

So our third day in Beijing was pretty much a “tourist” day. We decided to head to the Forbidden city for a day tour by ourselves.

I’ve been there once when I was 12 yrs old! It’s around 15 years edi ! OMG how time flies…

I still remember the last time I was there, their public toilet has no doors! I remember clearly that a little American girl who was peeing at the cubicle next to mine turned to her mum and said, “Mum, they can see me.” hahaha

I was praying so hard that they have already installed doors to all the public toilets the minute I stepped into the city.

Thank god they did ==” Or maybe I should thank the Olympics instead hahaha. Without the Olympics I dont think they will ever realize it because they are too used to it edi …

We reached there around noon and the sun was seriously shining like there is no tomorrow. When we reached Gin was like where is the Forbidden city? I pointed and said NEH! The door so big u cannot see meh ==” Then she said, I dont think it’s this one! I was like, “fine, you ask police.” Then we went to this police and asked, “where is the forbidden city?” He replied in a very irritated face “THERE.” ==” The moral of the story is dont bring Gin when u’re travelling because she is quite bad at recognizing buildings ==”

Gin was quite smart la because she brought an umbrella with her. If not seriously we might turn into roasted pigs ==’

The main door…… Super amazed by the painting of Chairman Mao. It looks like it was taken by digital camera and the color wont fade one!!

The Forbidden City

A map is the most important thing for our adventure to the Forbidden city. This map is not free ok, need to buy one!

“Mountain People Mountain Sea…” Most of them are local and I could hardly see foreigners there ok…

Tried my very best to find a clean manhole to take a picture of, u know what I mean…

This is where Huan Zhu Ge Ge played hide and seek… If only u watch that drama then u know what I mean hahahah

We lost our interest after 5 mins walking around because of the super hot weather =( We sat at the corner of the garden and started playing with our phones hahaha.

More pictures of us instead of the view hahahah because all I saw were people….. My pictures all turned out damn bad, it looked more like Im taking pictures of tourists==”

Gin and I decided to leave and head to Wang Fu Jing for lunch early.

Very nice and quiet place…

Then Gin introduced me another restaurant that sells Peking duck, it’s called Quan Ju De

We ordered fried rice, and it’s the most expensive fried rice I have ever eaten! We waited around 30 mins for the duck because they were still roasting it. We got really hungry so Gin was like, “WHERE IS MY DUCK??” She said the same thing over and over again whenever there is a waitress/waiter passing by ==” I had to say sorry to the American couple that sat next to our table…

Here comes the duck, here comes the duck!!! The waiter came to us and said feel free to take pictures if you want to =)

We ordered half a duck! I tried Peking duck once in Beijing, that was like 15 years ago la. It tasted like shit, sorry… But the one here in Quan Ju De is seriously the king of Peking ducks. The skin is so juicy and crispy, especially the duck breast!! Gosh, I can hear “ka zi ka zi” when I was chewing it ok, literally!

Quan Ju De and Hai Di Lao are the only reason why I want to go back to Beijing again =)

Couldn’t poop for a few days so Gin says drink this! Super yummy and it helps! So I drank it and I really did after tat! It’s a yoghurt drink, hahhaa

We were thinking to try this Gou Bu Li Bao Zhi but then we were too full

I think Gin has potential in taking pictures with statues hahaha

She also has another potential to be shopping bag holder hahhahahahaa

Since it was our last night in Beijing, we decided to head to the bird nest and Beijing National Aquatics Centre to have a look.


The well known water cube! It changes colour at night but we were too tired to wait till it turns pink so we left.

To be honest, I was quite excited on the last night of our Beijing trip because I hated it there so much =(

I wanted to change our flight on the second day but we had many tasks so we couldn’t.

So, we didnt do much on this trip, just eat, sleep, and walk hahahha

I will be away to Bangkok for few days, so make sure you’re following my Instagram (@bobostephanie) for my updates from Bangkok ya!

Till then…


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