3 Nights In Hong Kong… Day 1

Long story short, the 3 of us decided to go to Hong Kong for a short trip since we are all the way in Guang Zhou edi. It’s only like an hour and a half away so might as well just go over and check it out!

The last time I went Hong Kong was way before 1999, I think when I was still a kid/ teen ==” I had to think a bit before I typed teen cox I keep thinking Im still a teen!! hahahaha

So off we go!

I didnt know Shen Zhen and Hong Kong was just a river apart. It took an hour and 20 mins to reach Hong Kong from Shen Zhen by train. The train is surprisingly clean, I say surprisingly because every where in Guang Zhou is dirty. My jie got really fed up with the attitude of the people there so she shouted “Bo buy premier seats a!” I was like “Ok cox it’s only 20 RMB different ==’.”

We arrived Hong Kong around 5pm and the subway station was just right in front of our hotel! First picture that I took in Hong Kong!! If you dont recognize the buildings, then you should be able to recognize the minibus because it always shows up in TVB dramas one!!!

We stayed in M1 Hotel located in You Ma Tei. The hotel is tiny but super clean!!!

Gin’s friend brought us to this Dim Sum restaurant which has a Michelin Star! It’s not too expensive and it’s super yummy!

Im not a dim sum fan but their dim sum is seriously something that I would die for! Their X siew bun is super yummy, it’s not the normal X siew bun like you have in Malaysia ok, they deep fried the bun and they x siew is not too sweet!! Gosh, I’m hungry edi. Another dish that I super loved was their fried radish cake!! It’s not anything alike the regular radish cake that you might have tried before, the taste and texture is completely like radish! You will have to try it to believe it.

After dinner we walked around Mongkok and went crazy in SASA. Their perfumes are slightly more expensive than Msia but the coolest thing is tat they sell travel pack skin care!! As in those counter brand skin care such as Clinique, SKII or Clarins. We bought a few and we were super happy about it till we found out that they actually took those free samples from the counter and sell them in SASA. ==’ Got cheated by them gao gao.

The only picture I took in their subway station. I wish Malaysia has public transport like this so that we dont have to waste our time getting stuck in the stupid jams.

For dessert, we went to Yee Shun Milk Company for their steamed egg and milk dessert.

I didnt know I would like it so much! It tasted so special but quite forgettable! Hahaha, I say forgettable is because I cant seem to remember the taste, i tried to describe the taste after a few mouthfuls but I cant! It’s so creamy and I super love it! It’s so funny when I turned to my sis and said, “I cant seem to remember how it taste like after eating it.” Then my sisters were like ,”Yea Yea!!!” So every sip I took tasted like something brand new to me!

Our first day in Hong Kong ended with super yummy dessert! Thank god it was located right at the back of our hotel so we didn’t have to walk anymore ==” A picture of me after a full day of walking and eating yummy food hahaha. I told my sis I think Hong Kong is a place for people who loves to eat la because I cant seem to find any nice clothes in their shopping malls, or maybe they are just not my style.

I never felt so happy to be able to sleep in a tiny hotel room with a clean toilet because the one in China was seriously damn dirty and disgusting!


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  • Reply Karen

    Ohhh, I miss HK. the steamed egg milk dessert, I love it!

    July 16, 2012 at 9:29 pm
  • Reply msbulat

    So nice your hotel! The window so big then got bed next to it wan! At least hk will make u forget guangzhou a bit right?:D

    July 16, 2012 at 10:23 pm
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