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This is my third post on Panasonic café so I guess I don’t need a lengthy introduction on Panasonic café so you can check out my previous posts (Panasonic café 1 & 2). So lets go straight to what happened at this edition of Panasonic café that took place last Friday! I’m quite amazed at how Panasonic always chooses the perfect venue for each of the Panasonic café events. This time the event took place at Marble 8, which is located in KL. There are a few reasons why I love attending Panasonic events, first is because I get to personally try out their newly launched beauty technology. Second reason is that I get to hang out with blogger friends and the last reason is because Panasonic always prepares the most exciting goodie bags for us.


First thing I did when I arrived at the event was to take pictures at the photobooth with the “Beauty Queen” quote hahaha.


Then this time we get to share our secret on “how you make beautiful happen?” OK la, a bit shy, but I wrote, “it’s pretty simple and straight forward, be confident, use the right beauty products and always SMILE =)”.


After that, I was led to my seat that was filled with Panasonic’s NEW compact straight & curl straightener EH-HV10 and 2-WAY straight & curl straightener EH-HV20


I fell in love with the PINK EH-HV10 the moment I saw it! I love the shade of pink and the little bling design on it. The cap is perfect for easy storage and also preventing clumsy people like me to get burned by the plates.


EH-HV10 comes in 3 different color pink, white and black so pretty!


Ladies let me present to you Panasonic’s 3 new hair stylers (from the top) Multi-Styling Hair Styler EH-HV51, Straight & Curl Hair sSyler EH-HV20 and Compact Straight & Curl Hair Styler EH-HV10.

A closer look of each styler so you have a better understanding on each of them and get the right one for yourself!


Multi-Styling Hair Styler EH-HV51 comes with additional 5 attachments that can create a total of 6 different hair styles. This model has the latest technology that will evenly distribute the heat on the plate for better styling results and it’s ready to use in 15 seconds. For those who have colored hair it’s perfect for you because it has color-care photo ceramic plates to prevent color fading. (Retail price RM255)


2-Way Straight & Curl Straightener EH-HV20 also has the same even heat distribution plates and can be ready to use in 15 seconds. The only difference of this model compared to EH-HV51 is that it has 105mm extra-long plates for speedy straightening and easy curling. For those who have longer hair, this is perfect for you. (Retail price RM189)


Last but not least, my favourite Compact Straight & Curl Styler EH-HV10. The length of the styler is only 23.5cm including the cap so it’s perfect for easy storage and to travel with. To those who love to travel, this is what you need. (Retail price RM119)

*All three models above have color-care photo ceramic plates for color-fade prevention, keeping hair moist and to prevent color loss.



Behind every pretty model, there is always a talented man/stylist, and today we have my favorite Yoshi-san from Number 76 hair salon. Most of you should already know Yoshi who is the master behind my hair color and hairstyle, haha, and he is also the one who makes sure my hair is well taken care of. I’m 100% sure that he knows my hair better than I do.

DSC08957 DSC08952

Couldn’t decide which color I should bring home haha.


Lastly, we have Aishah Sinclair, Panasonic Beauty Personality, to share her experiences and her beauty secrets using Panasonic beauty products.


Attending events with these pretty girls is always fun (Karen, Apple, Bella, Nana)


Finally a proper picture with Yoshi-san, believe it or not I have never taken any pictures with him before hahaha. He is single and available *ahem ahem all my single ladies, a hint for you…


Another picture with the soon to be the mother of two, congrats Cheesie!

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