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Secret Santa with Rice Group

Finally after being MIA for so long from my blog, I’m back! I have to add “Blog more often” into my 2016 new year’s resolutions edi la. I have been so lazy updating my blog because I update my days on my Dayre (Bobostephanie) almost every other day and then I don’t get the urge to do it here on my blog.

But, since I have already promised myself to update more I should get it started!

Every Christmas Jo’s high school friends will always get together for dinner then Secret Santa. Not going to lie but at first I hated the idea of Secret Santa because clearly some people think it’s fun to give out stupid gifts like a tissue box, free company planner -.- or a scary looking doll that you think it’s better for it to stay in the dustbin than any where near you.

Yup, those are the people who ruined the wonders of Secret Santa for me. Jo got really pissed at those who dont put effort into buying gifts so he decided that we shall not do anymore Secret Santa with anyone anymore. So just when I tot Ok I can save money on buying gifts and all then JO told me his high school friends are planning for a Christmas dinner and Secret Santa again this year, then both of us were like, Ok lets invite them over as our house warming and also give secret Santa another chance. I’m so glad that we did it because it was by far the funnest Secret Santa and Christmas party so far!

The moment when we both agreed to host Christmas dinner at our new place, I knew I NEED to put up a Christmas tree and turn our house into a Christmas wonderland!


Jo limitted me on spending too much on Christmas deco so thats the most I could do with a limited budget XD. I got my Hello Kitty Santa sock a few years ago from Japan then the other two socks I got them from a Christmas deco store near my place. If you cant tell, the theme of my Christmas is silver and white, I wanted PINK but Jo says NO. -.- I also Youtube fire place and play it on our TV so it completes the whole look haha.


We recently got this rack from Ikea then I decorated it a bit with a Christmas quote and etc.



Went to Floratiska in Bangsar to get flowers for our dinning table! Waned to get something that shouts Christmas but too expensive T_T so I got something else.
I’m in love with flowers arrangement now le! I find it quite fun but I’m not very good with it la just cincai. So I got these! Super pretty right? It’s like little balls of snow stuck on the tree! Ahem I was the one who tied the bow too👏 clap for myself hahahha

IMG_2007Table setting is very important too, I managed to find a silver paper plates that can match my Christmas tree!

Now, for the cooking and the whole menu! Thank god it was potluck so we dont have to think of a menu to feed 11 people!


I volunteered to cook pumpkin soup because Joanne and Natasha got us a hand held blender as our housewarming gift =) Jo helped because I was having a very bad hangover from drinking =(


I found the recipe from Jamie Oliver’s page and it requires an oven to roast the pumpkin but since we dont have an oven, Jo cut the pumpkin into small cubes (OCD, but he says to cook evenly) then he slowly pan fried them till it was caramelized and soft.

IMG_1943I told him to leave the blending to me cox I want to try la!


Once we were done with cooking, we started our gift wrapping session which was also done by Jo -.- He says I’m very bad at it so just leave it to him. Aiya he very ma fan de, he wants all the folds to be exact the same T_______T I bet he didnt know people just tore the wrapper at the end hor…

IMG_1938This year’s theme is silver so ribbons also silver !!

IMG_1937Dont say I never contribute ok, I printed out the gift tags which I found on Pinterest!

IMG_1944Presents under the mini Christmas tree, so pretty!!!

IMG_2014All the presents for Secret Santa!

IMG_2010Everyone showed up bringing their own dish, and most of them made it themselves but a few people put the budget towards a whole roasted turkey. Everyone put so much effort into their own dishes, I’m so impressed!!

IMG_2009Michelle and I were so afraid that someone might show up bringing KFC to the party but no one did le!!! Everything was so delicious and shouted Christmas!


Michelle, the Master Chef in our group baked a tiraisu yule log 0.o This girl is super over achiever one everyone brought 1 dish she brought 3 dishes T___T When I saw this log my reaction was like you buy one or bake one why so perfect de! hahaha

IMG_2011My personal master chef also baked a no-bake cheese cake and it tasted so good! This is why they say it’s good to marry a husband who loves to cook so that you can goyang kaki at home and watch Runningman x)


The pumpkin soup that Jo made, but I supervised and also blended, ehh not easy le! Had to make sure the texture was just right.

IMG_2015Group picture before Secret Santa! OMG furryboy looks damn cute in the Santa hat!!

IMG_2035 IMG_2036

I must say this year’s secret Santa is by far the best also because no free company planner -.- or random stuff lol. Everyone put so much effort into buying their gift! Everything was so personal and suited the person who received it.

IMG_1934 IMG_1935 IMG_1936

I have to show off the gift that I prepared for Alex because it’s tailor made for him! I got him a Hangover Relief kit because he LOVES to drink! Got the empty first aid kit box from our office then I just got everything from the supermarket!

The contents of the kit:-

Tissue and wet tissue – To wipe or clean if he puke or sweat ==”

Water- To keep him hydrated

Coffee- To wake him up

Mouthwash- To rinse after a night out drinking

Orange vita drink- A shot of vitamin C to cure hangover

Plaster – In case he hurt himself

Pregnancy test- …  u know la

Deodorant- no need to explain ba…

Disposable shaver- To shave in the morning lo

Ramen- You need something hot and soupy after a night of drinking

Red bull- Keep yourself awake through the next day

Warm eye patch – For a good sleep after a sleepless night.

Very thoughtful le!!! Actually I stole Jo’s idea because he prepared a All-Night Gaming kit for Alvin (gamer) lol.


After Secret Santa we played a drinking game because one of them got a mini roulette drinking game as a gift! Super useful and it’s perfect for gatherings! It’s quite fun one you just need to pour whatever u want into the shot glass then roll la, you drink whatever is in the number you rolled!

IMG_2006I love what I got this year, a home fragrance kit that I have been looking for. I saw one very nice one in Bangkok but Jo stopped me from buying it ='( ever since then i cant find any nice ones in KL edi! Thanks Secret Santa for this perfect gift for my house and my house smells super nice now.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!


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  • Reply ahlost

    i dislike secret santa too because of those stupid gifts too.. and recently we had this annual gift exchange for like 12 pax.. and then already mentioned the gift should be around RM30+/- la.. and then there are people who will just give you chocolates that cost less than RM3… and some of us are obviously super unhappy la cos not like we did not mention the gift should be around how much.. some more, not one.. but 4 people gave chocolates and sweets T_T .. i don’t really like the idea of gift exchange with that bunch of people anymore.. continuous 3 years getting similar things i swear i don’t want to join them anymore next time..

    anywaysssss.. sorry for the rant… i love your idea of hangover relief kit… gonna use it next time if there’s a chance 🙂

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones 🙂

    December 23, 2015 at 3:16 pm
    • Reply bobostephanie

      I totally understand!! I hate it when ppl dont even bother to put a bit of effort into the gift but they are lucky to received a very thoughtful gift instead T__T. Last time we set our budget to RM50 the someone came with a car freshener which cost only few bucks wtf!!

      December 30, 2015 at 12:37 pm
  • Reply Scarlett

    What are the odds those three socks hanging above TV are the same as mine ;)I got them from Taobao ;p

    December 24, 2015 at 1:24 pm
  • Reply Michelle

    Jo’s cheesecake was really good!! Texture was perfect and the taste was creamy yet light 😀

    December 28, 2015 at 10:02 am
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