A Weekend Off With Traveloka

A few weeks before CNY I received a staycation invitation from Traveloka and I have to say I was really excited because I seriously needed a weekend break from my work, even though it was just for one night’s stay 😂

It was my first time staying in Stripes Hotel KL! I have been here for events and dinner, but I have never visited their rooms or facilities!

I got there pretty early, so I just took my own sweet time and enjoyed my light breakfast.

The event then started a short intro from Traveloka and then continued with our self introduction.

Then we played a couple of ice breaking games to get to know each other better!

A little tour at the hotel is a must! Look at the awesome view at their swimming pool lounge! The weather was perfect for a tan as well.

Then we were given a 30 min break so that we could check into our rooms and rest a bit! Love the decor as it was very modern, and had a lofty feel but still luxurious. I like how the bricks structure is seen throughout the building.

The most exciting part of the event was actually the activities they arranged for us! There were 4 crafts stations and we got to experience every station!

The first station that I chose was the cookie painting station!

My awesome master pieces 😂 I can tell u that it’s not as easy as u think.

Then I moved to my second station which was a station for making body scrubs and lip balms! I always wondered how these things were made and now I know! It can be easily done at home too with your favourite natural ingredients 👍🏼

After all the fun and experience making our own products, it was time for dinner! We had our own private dining at the event space and it was awesome.

Thanks Traveloka for the fun weekend! I really needed this short break from my usual routine!

If you are planning a trip in the near future, do check out their site. I like how their airfare search is more flexible than some others where you can choose your preferred in/outbound flight! Also, you can book theme park rides and other attraction tickets under their attraction and activities tab. Lastly, Traveloka also offer a packages where you can save more if you book hotel, flight and airport transport together! So, u know what to do next right?


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