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The #WOW Purple Truck

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What did everyone do during Raya holidays? JO and I didn’t do much, we just stayed in most of the time and watched TV. We just came back from Macau where we walked too much and also sweated like hell during the trip, so a long weekend is perfect for us to recharge our energy. Since we had no plans at all, we decided to just do whatever we feel like doing on the spot.

I have been craving to have Hokkien noodles at Lot 10 food court the moment I landed in Macau, so I suggested to head to KL for lunch! The traffic was so smooth and roads were empty haha, don’t you just love public holidays?


I ordered a plate of hokkien noodles then Jo had beef noodles! Their noodles was so good that day, not sure why haha. I love it when it doesn’t taste too smoky… Not too pricy also la, a plate of Hokkien noodles at around RM12? Outside stalls also selling around RM7.50, lol.

Right after lunch, we headed to Chatime for bubble tea then headed back to Sg Wang to walk around before leaving.


Then I spotted this cute little purple truck on the way back to Sg Wang, I decided to check it out since we had no plans and they were giving out FREE contact lens! Hahaha


Sometimes I consider myself as a lucky person because whenever I think of something or need something, the thing will sure appear!! For example, the power of my eyes has recently increased due to long hours looking at my phone. I put the blame on my latest addiction, Clash Of Clans. When I desperately needed a new pair of contact lens, I got it for FREE!! Lucky or what!


The friendly promoter of Lacelle brought me into the truck, and the moment I stepped in I was so thankful it was air-conditioned, hahaha. I started by filling in my personal details and choosing which color lens I prefer. There was only Violet and Black available so I chose Black!

5I cant believe such a small truck can fit so many things in, a studio and sink? Wow


They have stock of most powers available which is awesome! I just told them straight what is my power then that’s it! If you’re not sure about yours, they have a eye test machine there for u!


Besides violet and black, they also have brown and grey in the range too!

8If you’re already wearing a pair of lenses, no worries. There is a sink for you to wash your hands, and extra cases, then you’re good to change into Lacelle lens! The reason why I’m changing my lens is because I have been having double vision for a week edi and I wanted to participate their contest to win a FREE trip to Hong Kong!


I was worried that they might require me to throw away my old lens, but they gave me a new lens case to store my old lenses. If this is not thoughtful I don’t know what is hahaha.

10 11Washed my hands and changed my lenses! Halo, clear vision, halo stars in the sky!


Lacelle lenses are pretty comfortable and moist! The unique design of the lace pattern enhances my eyes beautifully. It makes my eyes look bigger and shinier.

13 14 15

Right after you changed into Lacelle lenses, you get to do a FREE shoot with their professional photographer! Photoshoot in a truck is a whole new experience for me! Don’t worry if you have no makeup on because there is a makeup artist around to touch up or apply make up for you!

16 17Here are the results! You can also view it on their website at Please vote for me, thank you very much!


Walked out of the purple van with 2 pairs of FREE lenses! (One pair for registering and another for the shoot) Super worth it! Hahhaa


Bumped into Nameerah at the purple van too =)


Bausch + Lomb Lacelle #WOW truck will be going around the city starting from 22nd July to 1st September 2014! Check out this page ( for the dates and locations for #WOW truck roadshows! You might get a chance to win…

  1. Weekly prizes (weekly top prize :  RM500 fashion fast forward voucher and RM150 sephora voucher.
  2. Weekly consolation prize x 4 : RM150 Sephora voucher)
  3. Grand winner will be first ever Lacelle ambassador in Malaysia (feature in major magazines and digital medium) and walk away with RM1,000 cash + 4D3N HongKong Trip x2 worth + one year Lacelle cosmetic lens supply


My look of the day!

Top- Topshop
Jeans- Bangkok
Shoes- New Balance
Bag- Louis Vuitton
Contact Lens- Lacelle (Modest Black)

After visiting the #WOW purple truck we headed home and got ready for Michelle’s birthday dinner!


Since I got myself a pair of violet lens, I figured I should try it on and change into another outfit that matched my violet lenses!


 I have never tried purple colored lenses before and to my surprise it looks pretty good!! Hahaha. The lace pattern really makes my eyes shinier and prettier!


 My look of the evening for dinner!

Top- Topshop
Shorts- F21
Sandals- Chanel
Bag- Louis Vuttion
Contact lens- Lacelle (Jubilee Violet)

 So far, I can wear Lacelle lens for more than 8 hours and it doesn’t irritate my eyes! It’s a monthly wear lens so it’s good that I can keep changing into different colors throughout the month! Hahaha, I’m that type of person who always stocks up before hand so I wont get into a panic when I run out of lenses to wear!


I got myself a pair of sparkling brown!


And a pair of tender brown (big eyes effect)! I cant wait to try them on just to see how it looks like but I have to be patient hahha, wait till I’m done with the black and violet first hahhaa.

Remember to check out #WOW purple truck before 1st September ya! For more information about Lacelle please visit and

By the way, remember to vote for me ya!!! (Type in SIOW J in the search column, then you should be able to see my pic) I promise if I win I will take more pictures in Hong Kong and eat more yummy food on behalf of everyone! Thank you very much!


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