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I’m Secretly A Thai

As you might know, in the previous entry, I mentioned that I Thai food!

While I was at work, Jo sent me a text asking whether if I would like to have Thai food for dinner. I answered YES without hesitating.

So Jo brought me to OM Fruit Juice a very mamak looking Thai food restaurant located in Setapak. People claim that they serve super yummy Thai food and it’s cheap!

It’s actually a Malay restaurant that serves Thai food and also cheap but fresh juices.

How cheap is cheap?  5 bucks for a large, mixed fruit juice containing 3 types of fruits!

Nah, cheap or not it’s only 5 bucks!

I can also drink it like tat, and it tastes good too! I wonder how do you make a bad mixed juice?? U can mix any type of fruit and it will still taste damn good. Im pretty sure it’s the sugar that saves their butt!

Dark circle – sleepless night and nose allergy

Top- F21

Pants- Topshop

Shoes- Taiwan

Bag- Louis Vuitton

The hero that always brings me around for nice and yummy food!

Seafood Tom Yam

Belacan Kang Kong

Beef Paprik. I miss the one I used to have in Rasa Ria back in the States!

Fried Tom Yam Mee hun

Buttered shrimps; this is a must try dish! I loved it!

You can even call and reserve a table… hahahah

Yup, super satisfied with my dinner that night. This post is making me miss their buttered shrimp. I think I will have dinner there tonight.


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