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Warning: This post is dedicated to those who are married or in a relationship.

What do you do first thing in the morning when open your eyes? Check your phone? Turn off the alarm? Or you kiss your other half and greet him/her good morning? Jo and I always greet each other in the morning or night with a kiss #truestory because kissing is the simplest and easiest way to show him/her they are being loved or appreciated. If you don’t, you should totally start today hahaha.

Nope, don’t get me wrong my post is not teaching you how to kiss your other half but to let you know how to make kissing more sweet and flavorful.


Let me introduce to you, CiUM! A lip balm that helps to draw couples closer by enhancing couples’ kissing experiences.


CiUM comes in a pack of two different flavors, S’Berry & Meeko or Sambal & Ais! All you need to do is to let your partner choose a flavor then apply them on both of your lips, kiss and enjoy!


You must be wondering how CiUM helps to enhance your kissing experience! Well, it’s actually quite simple, when the couples apply CiUM lip balm and kiss, CiUM unique flavors will combine and you will get a burst of sweet flavor that make the kissing experience more unique and full of sweet surprises.


I have pretty much tried all flavors but I have narrowed down my super favorite which is CiUM Ais because it gives my lips a icy cool feeling, and in hot weather like Malaysia, it’s perfect. I have been carrying CiUM with me because it not only helps to enhance my kissing experiences, it also helps to keep my lips moisturized!

If you’re interested into making your kissing moment more memorable and fun, you can easily get them at or you can also buy them onboard on all Air Asia flights.


Remember to kiss your other half good night or good morning everyday!



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