Christmas Shopping !

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I have been telling Jo that it will be perfect if I get to stay home and do whatever housewives do, where as, he goes to work. It will be fun to, u know just wakeup whenever I want then just take my own sweet time to do the laundry, clean the house and play with our baby boy. He has been saying NO to my request; he says I will turn into a lazy person if I do so. I was like, “Lets try it for a day?” He agreed!

So I skipped work on Monday and the night before I already told him I planned to just stay in and clean our room, do all the laundry (it’s almost the same height as me) after that I will just chill or watch TV. He left for work and I really did what I planned. I felt so efficient at one point I was like, I think I can do this everyday, this feeling didn’t last long obviously LOL. I was pretty much done with everything at around 12pm, then I continued my day just watching TVB drama until I fell asleep. I woke up and told myself I cant do this anymore, I’m bored to death! I texted Jo saying I’m super bored and I think we should just head out for dinner then go shopping in the evening since we have never done it recently! We decided to head to Pavilion for dinner and also for some Christmas shopping!

He came home at around 6pm, then off we went to the mall! We headed to Tonkatsu for dinner and then after that we just took our time to walk around the mall. I love shopping in December because of all the Christmas decorations and Christmas songs; they brighten up my day. Christmas carols remind me a lot of the days I spent my Christmas back in the States. While we were walking toward the MAC store we saw a beautiful setup by Crabtree & Evelyn. It was filled with flowers, stringed lights, and birds; it looks like it was a setup for a garden party/afternoon tea.


I decided to check it out because I love the theme but who doesn’t??


There were a lot of things to look at and their table set up and gift collections were really cute!!

JWL_8428Look at the cookie tray and the teapot T____T super dreamy right!! Didn’t know Crabtree & Evelyn came out with a series of food products like preserves, tea and cookies for those who love hightea =) you can now have “hightea” at home or give them as gift during this festive season.


Managed to break through the crowd and snap a picture of the setup hehehe, my outfit matched perfectly right!

JWL_8429 JWL_8438

JWL_8425 JWL_8424

Welcome to the Secret Garden of Crabtree & Evelyn, everything was so pretty and romantic.


Then something caught my attention hehe, A Secret Garden Adventure…


I picked up the cute instruction card to learn more about the adventure…

“A Secret Garden Adventure” is an online and on-ground activation platform where consumers and fans are invited to take a walk with Crabtree & Evelyn in its beautiful Secret Garden at any of its road shows including Pavilion KL and One Utama or at all Crabtree & Evelyn stores nationwide. Fans are also invited to experience the festivity and excitement of the Secret Garden Collection through an interactive photo-taking activity.

You must be very curious how to join the adventure right?? Should I share a?? Ok la, I share with you just because it’s the season of sharing ok? Lol

Let me show you how it should be done in pictures!! Waw, Santa I’m super helpful and a good girl so please grant my wish, thank you!


Step 1. Pick your favorite Crabtree & Evelyn Secret Garden items, backdrops or props available at all stores and selected road shows.


They have a few different choices for you to choose from so be as creative as you can!


Step 2. Snap a creative photo of yourself with the props! You can use ur mobile phones, camera or anything!!!

ScreenshotStep 3, simply post it on your Facebook and set it as your Facebook profile picture until 25th December 2013! (You have to make sure you keep the picture up until 25th Dec if not you will be disqualified!)

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 10.18.17 PM

Step 4. Submit your profile using the submit tab to win luxurious prizes!!

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 10.19.36 PM

I really want an iPhone5C in pink lo!!!!!!! Please let me win, please let me win…

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 10.22.16 PM

The props are available at selected road shows and Crabtree & Evelyn shops ONLY! So, make sure you go to the right shopping mall k!

kpop copy

Then I went into Crabtree & Evelyn shop to try out their 2013 Christmas Gift Home Fragrance Collection! Noel Home Fragrance Spray is perfect for your home during this festive season because it creates a zesty citrus aroma along with a burst of spicy nutmeg and clove! It will really make your house smell like Christmas and create the perfect Christmas atmosphere for guests and family!

JWL_8442During this festive season, Crabtree & Evelyn have also come out with a new range of Festive Food Collection. This collection includes Wild Blueberry Preserve, Lemon and White Chocolate Biscuits, White Chocolate and Raspberry Biscuits, and English Breakfast Tea. It’s perfect for friends who love afternoon tea!

JWL_8444Their packaging is really cute so you wont have to spend extra money on wrapping the gifts *wink

JWL_8445I guess I have already chosen my Christmas gift! If you ever come visit me during Christmas make sure you know what to bring ya *ahem ahem.

Merry Christmas in advance and don’t forget to do your Christmas shopping at Crabtree & Evelyn k!

For more information please visit:

Website: www.crabtree–

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