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My furryboy Nacho and I are now in the second week of our Pedigree 30 Days DentaStix Challenge I thought I would update you guys on how he is taking to learning new challenges and tasks, and also his oral health!


One obvious area of improvement is his breath and oral health. Usually, we do not brush his teeth frequent enough, so his breath usually smells like a fish market, thanks to his salmon diet.

Pedigree Daily DentaStix contains two active ingredients, sodium tripolyphosphate, and zinc sulphate that eases plaque removal and I can start to see improvements in the cleanliness of his teeth.

This makes for more cuddling and kisses for my babyboy and he has definitely noticed this too! He’s much more responsive when I call him over on the couch for cuddles. Before this, he ignores me half the time…


Nacho has also been more responsive when I try to teach him new tricks or do challenges with him, and his attention span is much longer.

He also responds to my calls much more eagerly, probably expecting his Daily DentaStix, and I’ve also learned that by giving him his DentaStix at different times everyday, he will be much more responsive throughout the day!! Haha, another tip for you guys who are trying to train your dogs!


Also for this weeks challenge, I’ve been working with him on two specific tasks that aim to train his patience and attention!

Here I’m teaching him to sit on my lap like a little baby, and after multiple attempts, he can now do this for about 10 whole minutes!!!


The second challenge is for him to learn to hug me, just like a baby! I’ve tried this previously but he always try to jump out of my arms. Now I can even have him hang on to me like a koala and I can remove my arms! Haha, super cute la.

That’s it for this week’s update, so stay tuned for more OK!


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