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Become An Organ Donor Today!

I just realized that I have so much to blog about!! Im way behind schedule!

I just came back from our little getaway and now Im sick.

Have you ever experience puking in your own car while you’re driving? No? Well, I have!

I was pretty sick yesterday. I have no idea why I was ok in the morning and when it was close to noon, I felt dizzy and nauseas.

I quickly packed up and went to see a doctor.

The doctor told me that I was having low blood sugar, and she asked me to do more exercise!

Im not sure whether was I the one who was dizzy or she was? I don’t know how low blood sugar can be caused by lack of exercise.

Anyway, I called my sister (I always call my sister when it comes to medicine or seeing a dr. cox I dont trust any other dr besides my sis) and she says I might be having food poisoning.

So when I started driving home I felt perfectly ok to drive, but just a little dizzy. The minute when I was about to reach I started puking.

Yes, I fucking puked in my own car while driving! *champion*

I was on the highway and I cant just stop in the middle of the road! ==”

It was so dramatic! While I was puking, I was also looking for a safe spot to stop my car.

I tell you, it was a mega mess!

Good thing is that I lost 1kg from all the puking, call me skinny bitch hahaha

I found it quite funny so I thought I should share it with you guys, hahahahaha (Im so sorry if you’re eating ==”)

I always think that what if Im gone, then there will be no more Bobo Stephanie in this world (not a big deal la)

I found a way to leave some parts of my body in the world even when Im gone.

Maybe I can leave my organs to someone who needs it!

Well, let me share something with you guys that I hope would help save lives in the future.

If you’re following my tweets you should know that I signed up to donate my organs when I past.

Jie jie texted me the other day saying she has already signed up to donate her organs and she was too afraid to tell my parents so she asked me to keep it as a secret.

In the end up my younger sister told my parents and they are perfectly fine with it! They even encouraged us to do it!

So, Jie got us the forms from her hospital and ‘wala’ Im now officially a kind hearted person.

Green form and ribbon!

You should carry this card with you (leave it in your purse) so in case anything happen, they know you’re an organ donor.

3 of us are officially organ donors.

Gin:”So, you sure you want to donate a?”

Me:” Y not, I wont need them when Im dead anyway. It’s better than wasting it ma.”

Gin:” Tats true!”

*Fill in the form*

I have no idea how and where to get this form ==”

Dont know whats the purpose of this post also hahahha

My sis got this form in Putrajaya Hospital; if you’re really interested maybe you can try asking in any government hospital.

P/S: Do you know you can even donate your SKIN!!!!

I think I will go to heaven and become an angel just because of this hahahahah *proud*


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  • Reply coffee

    i heard that it will be quite dangerous if you had signed this card.
    *tounch wood*if you get into any accident, with injury and sent to hospital, that is a high possibility that they won’t save your life when they saw this card. Couse organs is pretty high demand in this world, and u willing to donate FREE. They will earn a lot.

    well, it’s only what I heard, but don’t know if it is true.
    anyway, it is a good move.

    November 10, 2011 at 10:15 pm
  • Reply Amanda

    Support you! I am thinking of do this too!
    Used to donate blood but i think organ is more useful!

    November 12, 2011 at 12:39 pm
  • Reply bobostephanie

    Hey Coffee!! R U SERIOUS! don’t scared me!!! I hope they dont but if they do, I cant do anything to stop them too T___T!!!

    Thanks! I have never tried donating blood before! Maybe I shall try one day ya! hehehe It feels good to be able to save lives =)

    November 13, 2011 at 11:44 pm
  • Reply coffee

    I hopes it is not true, cause every good moves turn into bad which wont help people they needed. sigh. god bless them~

    November 14, 2011 at 8:34 pm
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