Mardi Gras 2010

The main reason we travelled to New Orleans was attend a big event called Mardi Gras. This event is all about drinking, flashing your boobies and getting wasted. We woke up kinda late in the day because we watched the morning parade inside our hotel room and decided to catch the afternoon parade instead. Surprisingly, we weren’t too late for the morning parade even though we left our hotel at around noon. We got there just as the parade was passing. Prefect timing huh!

Warning : Pictures overload!!

Instead of trying to describe, I will just post some interesting pictures with captions.

I double layered my jacket to keep myself warm cause I know I will have to be outdoors throughout the day

The first thing that I saw when I first stepped onto Bourbon Street was the crowd. It was so crowded and the place smelt like alcohol.

Below are pictures of people dressed up in different costumes. Yupe, people dress up during Mardi Gras. Colors preferred are gold, green and purple. I regretted not bringing my Queen of hearts costume, damnit!

We walked passed this little doggy. This pitiful little dog has been sitting there for more than 2 hours without moving a muscle. He just sat there and attracted people to take pictures to earn money from them.

We had Popeye for brunch. They have the best fried chicken ever! It tasted so different from my local area even though it’s the same chain.

While Jo was cleaning up our mess, I found an empty spot for a prefect view of the parade.

All the locals dressed up for the day.

Here comes the King of Mardi Gras 2010. Long live the king!

Shout out loud when you see someone throwing beads from the parade because they might just throw you a big bag of beads like what I got.

besides throwing out beads, they threw out treats…

and flowers too.

After 2 hours of standing and shouting, we decided to walk around the French Quarter instead. For your information, there were parades all day long.

On the way to Bourbon Street, we saw a lot of people selling beads on shopping carts.

Then we saw this…

This is what happens when there is a naked girl dancing behind a glass window…

Then we walked into the Gay section of the street and  it’s totally different. Instead of showing boobs they showed their dicks. Im dead serious! I saw a few of them =(

Took picture of this girl asking for beads from the guy on the balcony. She was asked to show her boobies but she refused to do so….too bad no beads for you girl.

Look at his super huge beads!

At the end of the day, I got more beads than I thought I would.

It was time for dinner and I had no idea why I was craving for pizza. Pizza is always my last choice when it comes to fast food.

We went to this pizza restaurant which was just right in front of our hotel. I would eat anything that was close to our hotel because it was freaking cold!

They printed this cup just for Mardi Gras. We were allowed to bring it home with us too =D

We had a BBQ chicken with extra onion.

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel to get some rest and went back out to the street to check out how they close down the whole street at 12am.

I covered up my self with Jo’s jacket and scarf. Dont judge me, it was really cold !

Went to the store to get ourselves some drinks. You want beer?? I GIVE YOU BEER! It was 1 buck for a can!

and I saw this interesting guy carrying his Gucci bagpack with a Gucci price tag attached to it. No offense but it made me think that he got it from Petaling Street for a moment. Just so you know an authentic product doesn’t have a price tag attached to it.

All the girls were so crazy about getting beads from all the guys on the balconies.

The street was so crowded I could hardly breath while I was walking down the street. It was intense!

In the end we didn’t get to watch them clean up the street but instead I saw a few people peeing on the street, I know it was really disgusting!

Here is a video of Girls Gone Wild at Mardi Gras and Cupid Shuffle on the street, enjoy and stay tuned for more!


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