First Company Trip – Bangkok

Ola, I’m back from my many trips lol… I finally have time to blog and get back to my normal routine!

May was a “travel month” for me, like literally. My first trip in May was to Bangkok aka my third hometown hahaha. I never get bored of Bangkok, there are still a lot of places i want to visit in Bangkok! *checking for cheap flight to bkk again

Anyway, my dad and I decided that we should plan a company trip to Bangkok this year since I’m quite familiar with the place and it’s quite affordable! I was looking up and down for Halal tours to Bangkok and couldn’t find any T__T Most of them travel to Pattaya but we prefer to just stay in Bangkok instead! The main goal of this trip is to visit the main tourist attractions and also shop!

Jo and I found a travel agent while we visited MATTA fair earlier this year. I would say that I would rather not make any bookings in MATTA fair because I personally think some of them are not very honest about the packages they are promoting there. Super angry and disappointed at the service that I received from the travel agent!

At first I was like NVM la travel with tour is like that one but I couldn’t take it so I nearly fought with the tour guide ==”

A few reasons why I was mad at the travel agent:-

1. They keep pushing us to pay deposit at their booth then I told them clearly I have to meet up with them before the trip to plan our itinerary because I told them there are a few places that we want to visit. He says YES and told us there is no problem with planning the itinerary again before the trip! I just need to visit their office! Everything changed right after we booked the trip with them!

2. They refused to let me visit their office and later found out their office is actually in Penang FML!

3. I had to keep pushing them to make my payment T__T Make payment also need to push them seriously….. Dont want business then just tell me la!

4. Changed our itinerary without informing us!!!

5. Told us that they are giving us a free show but ended up we had to pay fucking RM30/person for transport fee! Again, didnt inform us earlier! We paid for the transport fee the day before but then decided not to go since it’s a free show. I tot maybe we could use the transport fee on the last day but they said NO, cannot, they cant refund the fee to us because they already used that money to pay for the show! R U FUCKING KIDDING ME! You told me the show was free then you collected transport fee from us (we have already paid for the tour which means the van is meant to fetch us around ma, why would I need to pay extra to go to wherever you suggested us to go?!) DOES THAT MEAN WE ARE PAYING FOR THE SHOW ALSO LA!!! You super con job!!!!!

6. Keep asking us book their van on our free-and-easy day so that we dont have to take a taxi! They charge us RM30/pax which means we have to pay RM660 for a van.  They told us taxis are really expensive in Bangkok… OOO plssss, it cost me RM8 from Siam Paragon to our hotel and it was FREE from the hotel to Siam Paragon because the hotel provides free shuttle to MBK! Thank god we didnt book their van, if not I might burn down their company wtf

I think these are good enough reminders for me NOT TO book any trips with travel agents! BYE Matta Fair, you will never see me again! Anyway, Jo and I usually don’t travel with tour groups because we are more of the adventurous kind. I still remember our trips to Japan and Philippines, YES, you will get lost sometimes, but thats part of the fun isn’t it!!!

OK, now that I’ve got that out of the way….

DSC01695Group picture in KLIA before boarding! Bega and Gin joined us too! There was so much fun and laughter!

DSC01702First meal when we arrived in Bangkok… One thing about our Halal trip is the food selection is so limited T___T Everyday also the same dishes one, thank god it tasted ok!

DSC01707First night, we went for a walk along Khao San Road as it was just 5 mins from our hotel! It was full of foreigners and everyone looked super tipsy lol

DSC01709Tried out some local street snacks! It looks like ‘apong balik’ to me

DSC01710We were quite tired so we just dabao-ed some beer and had it in our hotel room =)


Selfie on the boat otw to Wat Arun . Quite into wearing monotonous black, white and grey nowadays!


Gloomy day at Wat Arun


Everytime we come here, I never fail to dress up in traditional Thai costume and pose in front of the temple heheh. I think I have tried out 3 colors so far, pink, gold and red, of the same outfit edi  LOL.


Selfie-worth-outfit! Princess and two of her bodyguards LOL

DSC01744The weather was burning hot, I had no choice but to spend RM5 on this fan. Jo was so mad at my purchase, he was like seriously RM5 !!!! U can get it for RM2 ah!


Then we headed to the Sleeping Buddha! Jo and I waited outside because we have been there twice edi ==”


First day in Bangkok was basically a touristy day, cause next we visited the Royal Palace! Again, Jo and I stayed in the van while others visited the palace and get sun tanned hahaha


Our dinner was at Chocolate Ville, I wont recommend anyone to go because it’s really boring T__T It’s huge but all you can do is to take pictures and take pictures ==” It’s super far away from town too, around 30-45min drive!


Finally, a picture of me and Jo together hahaha


I just realized I pose like the duckie behind LOL

DSC01816The best travel companions, Bega, Gin and Jo!


Pork knuckle for dinner… This meal can be considered the best meal throughout the trip T___T I hate food that my travel agent ordered for us, damn bad and it’s always the same dishes!

DSC01851We went to Jatujak on the second day! I have always wanted to visit Kiss Me Doll after I saw them on Instagram! I got myself a classic Bambi design scarf from them. The quality is super good and soft! The packaging is super cute too, it looks like a book! On our recent trip to BKK with Aud and Huiwen, I brought them to the same store then each of them bought one too.


The best part of travelling with tours is that we get to travel around in a van! AIR CON ALL THE WAY!!!!!


Got this cute hairband for RM8 !! heehe


On the final day of the trip, I brought my colleagues to try out my favorite Shibuya Honey Toast from After You!

DSC01877Everyone crowding the food tasting area in Siam Paragon’s supermarket lol

DSC01879I’m a big fan of Thai rice!!! We bought a few packs of award winning fragrant rice, haha.

DSC01882Our usual pork noodle restaurant for lunch before heading back to Malaysia!


Super cute wall mural that matched my outfit!


The famous Mango Tango for mango dessert but too bad the queue was really long so we just “take away” their mango pudding and it’s really yummy! If u’re a mango lover this restaurant is a MUST try for u, it’s located at Siam Square!


Wrapped up our trip with a bottle of Hokaido yogurt cox I didnt shit for few days edi LOL.

That’s all for my first of two trips to Bangkok! It was fun but super exhausting T___T


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    June 7, 2014 at 11:55 pm
  • Reply Hanie

    I agree with you! Planning your own trip is much better than following tour guides since you get to learn about the places more and even if you get lost that’s part of the experience too :DnPlus you get to go places you want to go and not just the touristy areas only~nn

    June 8, 2014 at 3:34 pm
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    not all travel agents provide shitty services. I love planning own trips but I have tried going on tours too the one I joined was quite fun.

    June 11, 2014 at 6:04 am
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    Agree with u =)

    June 14, 2014 at 8:42 pm
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