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Drugstores Shopping in Japan!

Those of you that follow me on Instagram and Dayre should know that I have recently just come back from my trips to Japan. I’m not sure about you but when I was busy packing my luggage to Japan, some things that I don’t bother to pack are some of my skincare and cosmetics. Those of you who’ve been to Japan should know that their drugstores are the most amazing place for us girls to shop. It’s filled with thousands of different kinds of skincare, cosmetics, and snacks! I can easily spend more than 1 hour in one drugstore.

Whenever I plan for my trips to Japan I always make sure that I will visit at least 3 different drug stores. For example, on my recent trip to Tokyo with my family, we spent most of our daytime doing all the sightseeing then after dinner me and my sisters spend our sweet time visiting all the drugstores nearby our hotel.


We were basically putting every single thing that looked interesting to us into our own shopping cart. I remember when I was looking at the skincare section in the store my sister was like, just buy and try them out if you like it then we will come back and get more! I really like her way of thinking hahaha. It sounds a bit crazy but it makes so much sense to me!


This was how my luggage looked like at the end of the trip! You should understand how amazed I am at Japanese products by now right?

Anyway, you must be wondering why are you showing me things that I can buy when in Japan? How about when I’m back in Malaysia and my favorite Japanese skincare or cosmetics have run out? I can’t just book a trip to Japan just to stock up my stuff right?

Yupe, you’re right but fret not because I found a website that allows you to buy all the quality Japanese products which ships directly from Japan! I have personally got a few things from them a few weeks ago before I went to Japan and I’m pretty satisfied with my order so I decided to share it with everyone. Here is the link of the website


These are the items that I got and from the packaging you can clearly tell they all imported from Japan because there are all in Japanese with the famous “No. 1 sticker” hahaha.


I got KISS ME black eyeliner at RM38.47! Good thing about IPPIN is that all of their items are tax free


If you have been to Japan you should know that most drugstores will allow you to buy tax-free. They will have to seal all your purchases in a plastic bag which you cannot open until after you leave Japan. The purpose of doing it is to prevent you from using them in Japan so if you open it then you will have to pay taxes at the airport.

But by making purchases in IPPIN you don’t have to worry about claiming for VAT refund because it’s already tax free! All of the prices that you see are tax free and I have personally compared the prices of the items that I got in Japan; it’s almost the same price!


I also got myself a Canmake blusher which is my current favorite!


Like I mentioned since I can’t use the mask that I bought in Japan in order to get the VAT-free price, I decided to get a few pcs of mask from IPPIN so I can bring them to Japan haha. I got myself +Onec Premium Hydrogel masks which is perfect for winter weather because it keeps my face moist and hydrated.


Besides that I also got myself their hydration mask for fine lines around my lips and eyes!


Last but not least, I got a pack of travel skincare pack from +Onec so I can save some weight in my luggage for my shopping in Japan =X


Besides skincare and cosmetic, IPPIN also carry food, baby stuff and also electronics! To those who are interested to buy a Japanese ceramic rice cooker you can try looking here =)


A picture of how a shopaholic looks like when she is doing some serious shopping haha.

Well, I guess that’s pretty much about it! Happy shopping!!



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