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Time Flies, Bye 2016!

Last year I totally forgot to write down a recap on my 2015 so I told myself my 2016 resolution is to write a recap of my 2016. Guess what, I’m doing it now! *pats own shoulder*

Hmmm how should I do this? Maybe I should do a monthly highlight instead so it’s easier for me.

Let me scroll through my iPhone gallery…



I started filming my very first Youtube show in Jan, thanks to Reelity TV and also Nuffnang for the opportunity.  I have done a few vlogs before but I dont really talk to the camera in most of them because public speaking is really not my kind of thing haha. I’m so glad I get to step out of my comfort zone and the results were pretty satisfying! I had lots of fun during the shoots and I get to experience a lot of different sports that I never thought of doing. Click here to read more about it and here is the link of all my shows!



Chinese New Year is always my favorite holiday! 2016 was memorable because we finally get to celebrate Chinese New Year in our own house. We moved into our new place at the end of 2015! We get to decorate our new place the way I wanted, do spring cleaning and have frens over to our new place for CNY gambling!


The #CompetitiveAunties celebrated Audrey’s birthday and the theme was Japanese doll or something hahaha I cant remember. The only group that love doing theme parties and they’re very good at it especially Hui Wen who is the master mind for decorations!


Nothing really exciting happened in March hahaha. My working, eating, workout and sleep routine continued after CNY celebrations.



I started off my April 2016 by visiting Perth, Australia, together with Karen and Careen. That’s when I got to know  Karen much better, rather than only meeting once in a while at events. We’ve gotten much closer after this trip and same goes to Careen! My Perth trip was beautiful and relaxing, ’cause all we did was to eat and sightseeing. The weather was perfect, not too cold and it was sunny! Read more about this trip here and here



Did I tell u April was a very exciting month for me because it was filled with celebrations and travelling! The #CompetitiveAunties first ever sleepover happened in April and it was for Hui Wen’s hens night! It was such a fun night with the aunties because we dont usually get to hang out a lot due to everyone’s busy schedule so a sleepover was perfect for us!



Jo and I went to Bali in May and we made a promise to visit Bali every year! There is a lot of places to explore in Bali so a 4 days trip is way too short for us. We visited Nusa Dua with KBCG back in 2015 so in 2016 we visited Seminyak, Uluwatu and Ubud! If you were to ask me which is my fav I would say Uluwatu because of the beautiful beaches! Read about our Bali trip here,  here and here 


Another dream came true happened in May, we finally visited the country that had been sitting in our “must-visit” places, Dubrovnik, Croatia! Croatia was the most memorable trip I went on in 2016, and the best part of this trip was the timing. While I was planning to visit this beautiful place, Turkish Airlines contacted me for a sponsored trip and I was super happy! We instantly bought a ticket for Jo so we both can visit this dream country together! Thanks to those who made it happen! Read more about this trip here and here!


We had a 12 hours layover at Istanbul so we signed up for their free 6 hour local tour at Istanbul airport! It was such a great experience because we get to visit 2 countries in a week! I just realized I haven’t blogged about my Istanbul trip yet, I guess I will do it this weekend!


img_5943Nothing exciting happened in June… As usual I go to the gym on weekdays. I think June was when I stopped  following Kayla BBG because I was a little tired of doing the same routine over and over again. Kayla BBG helped to burn a lot of body fat and tone up my body but it doesnt really give me the lean muscle body that I wanted, so from BBG I moved on to doing weights with Jo.



July was filled with celebrations too because July is my mum’s birthday month and also a few of my frens!


It was also when I started doing weights with JO and fell in love with all the lifting and etc.


I also went to BKK for a 24 hour trip with Wei Zhi, it was so much fun!!!! Read more about it here




I also went to Indonesia with these lovely ladies, Karen and Nana! I had to cut short this trip because I had a very bad foo poisoning T__T It was so bad that I tot i was going to die hahaha. So glad that I had Nana and Karen with me and took good care of me.



The most memorable campaign that I did in 2016 was working with Zespri and Bodytone! Having to meet with all these lovely ladies and working out together was super fun! It was also when I realized Bodytone was really not my kind of thing because I get super dizzy after the workout due to all the vibrating LOL.



After 2 months of lifting, I am slowly achieving my body goal. I can slowly see the differences between doing weights and before. I also started consuming protein to helps boost my result.


Another month that’s filled with celebrations because Jo and I are born in the same month!!


#CompetitiveAunties threw me a surprise pool party right at my condo together with the babies!!! It was so much fun!


My lovely girls surprised me at Ikki bar for my birthday too! So glad that we went to Indonesia together because this trip def helped us understand each other more and they are now my official drinking partners LOL.



Watched Hyuna perform for the 2nd time, she is still as hot as always.


Oct was a sad month because grandpa got admitted again for the last time. This was the last picture that we took with him before he fell into a forever sleep. I didn’t expect it was the last time I get to talk to him….


We said our last goodbyes to grandpa in Nov with a heavy heart. Everyone was not ready to let him go but I’m so glad that I was by his side when he left. Watching him leave was so painful and heartbreaking, it was when I understood the meaning of  生老病死.



Aunties and uncles from Taiwan visited us in KL! I spent a whole week showing them around and eating non stop… I basically gave up my fitness routine because I found out that I have problem with my spine and was forced to take a break from the gym for 3 weeks.


On the same month, I discovered my spine problem which put a red light to my workout routine T_T I was so freaking sad that I cant do my usual fat burning routine anymore because I cant jump and run. Jo motivated me by helping me to explore some other workouts that wont stress my back. I’m so grateful to have him around when I’m down.

fullsizerender-22Our first family trip with grandma to Tokyo to see the autumn colours!



First #CompetitiveAunties trip to Banjaran hotspring which u can read more about here



Had Christmas & New Year hightea session with the aunties at Wei Zhi’s place.


Trip to Hokkaido with Jo and his mother!


New Year’s eve dinner with the Karen and Nana after so long…

As you can see, my 2016 was basically filled with lots of ups and also some downs which make 2016 such a memorable year. I’m so grateful to be able to visit so many places and countries in a year. Travelling took a very big part in my 2016 and I hope in the future too!

Thanks to those who are always there for me especially Jo, my family and friends (you know who u are).

I have no idea what are my 2017 resolutions and if I will make any, because as far as I know not a lot of ppl actually work towards their new year’s resolution. As for me, I will just go with the flow… We will never know what will happen in the future.

I hope in 2017 I will have more travel plans with my loved ones, be healthy, earn more (most importantly) and be grateful to whatever that’s given to me. If you’re curious, I  have no plans for mini Bobo or Jo yet so dont bother asking hahaha.

Last but not least, I wish everyone a happy 2017!!!


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