#BoboinBali – Ubud 1

This is the second in a series of posts on my recent trip to Bali, so if you missed my first entry, click HERE.

So, back to where I stopped in my last post, we had lunch at Delphi Rock Bar in Blue Point and then started on our 2 hour journey in to Ubud.


This was our room for the next 2 nights, a private pool villa in Wapa Di Ume Resort! This resort is set in the middle of a paddy field and is absolutely beautiful! So quiet and peaceful as well. Anyway we quickly checked-in, changed, and went back out to Ubud town for dinner at my all-time favorite restaurant in Bali.

DSC00822 DSC00821

Naughty Nuri’s Warung for their amazing BBQ pork ribs, mie goreng, and pork satay! Haha, we were actually very full after our meal but we ordered another rack of ribs, and the second one they gave us was bigger than the first! Don’t know whether to be thankful or not for that, hahaha.

DSC00829 DSC00827

After dinner, our driver dropped us off back in Ubud town so we could attempt to walk-off our dinner. Ubud is really beautiful with all it’s temples and the atmosphere is really chill and laid-back. Wapa Di Ume provides free shuttles to and from town so it was really convenient for us.


Took a nice hot bath and attempted to take some pictures of us cause I just realized we didn’t have a picture together all day, hahaha. We were really tired after a long day so we went to bed really early, not to mention we had to wake up very early for a paddy field walk/tour!


Put on a thick layer of mosquito repellant from head-to-toe and we were ready to go! Met up with the nicest guide ever who also works at the front desk, haha. There are few guests here so the staff are really intimate with us.


This is the entrance to a communal home in Ubud where up to five or six families would live together.


Complete with their own altars and temples in their yard!


Along the walk, our guide told us about the Hindu religion, beliefs, different types of temples, and even their architecture, so it was very informative and thankfully I wasn’t bored at all, hahaha.

DSC00878 DSC00882 DSC00888 DSC00889

She also explained how the paddy fields are plot and belongs to different owners. Nowadays most of the owners outsource the farming work to specialists who care and harvest the fields as more and more of the young are not interested anymore.

DSC00893 DSC00895

She also insisted Jo to take a picture, hahahaha. He was reluctant cause he’s vain and said he wasn’t dressed nice.

DSC00953 DSC01022 DSC01034

After the walk, we went back to our room and changed again, or well, I got changed again, hahaha, this time into my bikini so we can go out to have breakfast and then for a quick swim! The weather was awesome, sunny with a cooling breeze, perfect for tanning! Took some pictures by our private pool with Jo’s manual 135mm lens and the pictures turned out great!


This is what happens when you’re trying to prevent your face from getting burnt while trying to Snapchat, hahaha.

DSC01059 DSC01049

I was quite brave to sit on the edge of the pool to take this shot lol.

DSC01109 DSC01106 DSC01113 DSC01115

 We explored both pools in the resort and then headed back to our own private pool!

DSC01123 DSC01136

Going to have to split this post into two if not it’s going to be super long, so do stay tuned for the next and last post!


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    how you changed from black top to red on 4th pic eating to 5th pic? hehehe

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      Hahhaa i went back to the Hotel to change =)

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