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Bobo’s Big Day Out!

If you’re following me on Dayre or Instagram you should have already known that I have recently released my own show on Reelity TV Channel on Youtube! I’ve always wondered how does it feel like to host a show, whether it will be fun or too stressful. English is not my first language and my brain always goes blank when I need to speak in front of a camera haha. When I was first offered this opportunity I wanted to reject it instantly but I’m so glad I didnt. I discussed with JO a little then he was very supportive over the whole idea, he told me to just take it and have fun. He encouraged me to do it and told me I’ll be all right. He says it’s not as hard as you think, just speak like u’re talking to ur friend, dont be pretentious as thats’s what everyone likes about u.

I was like OK, lets do it! At my first shoot I was so tense and made a lot of mistakes (well, not like I dont make mistakes now lol). I had a hard time remembering the name of the dishes and ingredients when the camera is rolling! Thank god the crew were so patient and nice haha!

OK, Let me share the 4 Ws (Why, When, What, Who) of Bobo’s Big Day Out and also some behind-the-scenes of the show!



Bobo’s Big Day Out is basically a 3-4 min short video to show some of the healthy recipes that can easily be done at our kitchen and also some alternative activities you can try instead of going to the gym.


2014-10-30 12.42.26 3

The reason why I decided to do this is mainly because I would love to share with my friends and readers how easy it is to eat healthy at home. A lot of people have the wrong concept of eating clean, they tot eating clean means eating tasteless and boring food. I have seen ppl who shars their so called “eating clean” on their Instagram and I instantly got turned off so I wont blame you guys if you have this misconception. If you’re following me on Dayre or Instagram you should know that eating clean can be very fun and satisfying! So in some of the episodes of Bobo’s Big Day Out, I decided to share with everyone what kind of healthy meals that I usually eat at home! And yes, everything can be done as long as you have a pan and a stove at home, you’re welcome!

Besides cooking, I also share some fun and relatively unknown activities that you can try in KL. Have you heard of Ultimate Frisbee or Quidditch (yes, the game in Harry Potter movies ^^)! Without this show I wouldn’t be able to experience these new activities and to share with everyone!



OK, there is 2 who in this question. 1 st will be who are the crew? They are the very talented and professional people behind Reelity TV! I’m so glad that I have them onboard. They are very professional and patient when it comes to the shoot. All I need to do on the shooting day is to make sure I look good and they will handle the rest! The bonus part is that I dont have to spend 100 hours to edit the video, YAHOOO!


Who were my special guests in some of the episode? Dont even need to ask because first person who came to my mind was Jo (my personal eat clean chef ) and also CityGal from KampungBoyCityGal! I love how KBCG always make cooking look so easy and effortless hahaha, give them whatever ingredients they will serve u something amazing! I strongly suggest u all to try the Lemon rice recipe that Citygal cooked in my show!


The first episode of Bobo’s Big Day Out was released 2 months ago (sorry I’m only telling you guys now T_T). Currently there is a total of 5 episodes that have already been released on Reelity TV Youtube Channel. The air time of my remaining episodes are every other Friday!

1st Episode

2nd Episode

3rd Episode

4th Episode

5th Episode

Here are the episodes that are already out now, you can watch it on youtube =)

Behind The Scenes!

IMG_4677I always get the ingredients that I need the day before the shoot!

IMG_4675My first time putting on a mic hahaha

IMG_4676All of the cooking episodes were done in my small kitchen… Like I said, as long as u have a pan and a stove you’re good to go!


This is how the actual shoot looks like hahaha. Can you spot Babyboy standing next to me hahhaa


Jo took this super cute picture of babyboy being my loyal audience lol.


As for the activities, I did archery tag


I also did fencing which I really enjoyed!!


Then kickboxing!!! My super favorite le!


And Fly Yoga!


Last but not least Ultimate Frisbee!!!

IMG_4673The super fun coach, Ben from Ultimate Frisbee!


Coincidentally my fren was the trainer for Fly Yoga!

I am done shooting all the episodes last weekend and there will be a total of 12 episode so now we just need to wait for the episodes to air hehee. Overall, I found it really fun and I have finally learned how to be natural/casual in front of the camera!! I still need to practice on my talking tho LOL. Besides that, I also get to experience some activities that I would have never had a chance to try such as Ultimate Frisbee and Quidditch!

You guys can find out more from the videos, so remember to subscribe and watch all the videos!!

Thanks for the support!!!


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    I always thought you would be doing something so much more and you’re living it now. I’m so happy and proud to see how far you’ve come! 🙂

    April 15, 2016 at 4:50 am
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