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DR.WU Glutalight Whitening System

Hi guys, it has been a while since my last blogpost on skincare! A lot of you are very curious on my current skincare routine so I thought why not share it with you guys on my blog instead!

Remember I went to Taiwan last month with DR.WU? The purpose of that trip was to attend DR. WU Glutalight Whitening System collection launch.

I was really lucky because by the time I got back from Taiwan, I realised that I had run out of my usual skincare! I told myself luckily I have DR. WU with me and it’s the perfect time to give it a try. To be frank, after attending the launch and the workshop in Taiwan I was already quite convinced that I will be switching my skincare soon.

I love how they pack the collection inside a drip bag, if u have done any whitening drips u know what I’m talking about. So the collection comes with a toner, lotion, serum and eye serum. I’m using this set without any other skincare beside my usual facial wash.

DR WU Glutalight essence toner, I lovvvvveeeee the texture! It’s not too watery so I can easily control the amount I want when I pour it on my palm. It absorbs pretty fast into my skin and it doesn’t give me a very sticky feel.

DR WU Glutalight Intensive Whitening Serum, it helps to lighten dark spots and give my skin radiance. Apply directly after toner and usually serum textures are sticky and thick, but DR WU serum is a bit runny yet concentrated. I’m only using one pump and it’s good enough to cover my whole face including my neck!

Then I will apply eye serum! This eye serum helps to tackle three main causes of dark circles, pigmentation, blood vessels and caving!

Last but not least, whitening lotion! The texture is light but creamy. It keeps your face hydrated without giving you the sticky feel.

Besides whitening product, sunscreen is equally important too! I’m using DR WU UV Hydrating Sunscreen and it’s awesome! It’s not sticky and it’s really hydrating! It’s like applying a layer of lotion instead.

I love my complexion now because it’s more radiant and has less dark spots. For my everyday make up, I just apply a thin layer of foundation and I’m good to go!

Good news guys! DR. WU Glutalight Whitening range will be launching in May, so stay tuned!


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