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Hey guys! Anyone excited for Chinese New Year??? Haha, I’ve always loved celebrating CNY and more so nowadays that we have our own place to decorate and also host friends and family! Every year, Jo and I will go CNY shopping to buy decoration to spruce up the CNY ambiance for our house and this year, we decided to redecorate our living room, and also solve some of our storage headaches in time for CNY.

Late last year, IKEA contacted me for a collaboration on their 2017 CNY collection and as soon as the collection was launched on January 5th, Jo and I headed over to IKEA Cheras to check them out!


Pretty tin boxes for CNY deco and also IKEA now has a huge selection of real and fake plants too, such as these bamboo stems!


Not to mention CNY cookies and biscuits to entertain your guests! My favorite part about these are that they come in glass jars, so no more oily and flimsy plastic bins, and guess what, you can reuse the jars later on! Genius!

DSC03952 DSC03954

Took a few snapshots for inspiration and reference when we decorate.


Can you feel the CNY atmosphere??? Easily add some “CNY” to your living space by adding red and orange pillows!

DSC03958 DSC03963

CNY themed doormats and slippers, OMG, too cute!


They have coloured pussy willows as well, so no more boring white ones!

OK, so now let me show you what we bought!


Our condo unit is pretty small, a 1 bedroom 800 sq ft unit, so storage space comes at a premium. We used to keep a lot of stuff in black IKEA plastic bins and have them all stacked up behind our couch, but time to get organized! We got a KALLAX shelf with 2 drawer inserts and cardbox boxes TJENA so we can finally clean up our living space.


We decided to redecorate and change the theme colours in our living room, so we bought a new carpet, some new cushion covers and a throw for our couch to match. We went for a more sedate colour palette this time. Our living room carpet used to be multi-coloured, matched with orange and yellow cushion covers.


Did I mention IKEA now sells mandarins too?? And this cute plant, and this cute wooden bowl.


We also bought this wooden crate and repurposed it as a small table to put drinks or magazines at our sitting area.


Love this new theme!


Also bought some new plates and bowls from their CNY range so we can use them during reunion dinner.


Their pineapple tarts are really good too!

DSC04007 DSC04008

We also bought these new drawers for our IVAR kitchen shelf to add even more storage and make use of all the available shelf space.


Bought some new picture frames and also a woven basket to throw in all our loose items that used to sit on our MALM chest drawer.


And finally, added another 6 drawer MALM to the other corner of our bedroom so I can now properly organize my clothes! One drawer for all my gym wear, one for all my tops, one for all my bottoms, and, hahaha, you get the picture. I also vacuum packed our winter clothes and put them at the bottom ’cause we used to put them in another plastic bin in the corner of the room.

Anyway, that’s it for now, we might still make a couple more trips to IKEA before CNY comes around because there is just so much to see! I hope I might have given you some inspiration or even motivation to start redecorating and reorganizing your place in time for CNY!

Check out IKEA.COM.MY for more info!


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