Old City of Dubrovnik, Croatia II

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I woke up super early at 6am thanks to jetlag, took my sweet time to get up from the comfy bed, get ready then take pictures of the sunrise at the balcony haha.

DSC01565Then I took a little walk around the hotel and checked out their facilities. Too bad that the weather was too cold for a morning swim.


After breakfast I met up with the group and we went island hopping in the coolest boat ever! It looks like a pirate ship hahaha.


The weather on the way to Sipan Island was pretty good and the view was amazing.

DSC01581 DSC01583

The journey was around 1 hour from Dubrovnik so we had plenty of time to take pictures on the boat and to enjoy the cool breeze.

DSC01598 DSC01604 DSC01606

Sipan Island is famous for its very laid-back ambiance, and if you’re looking to just chill by the sea, this island is perfect for you. We werealso given the opportunity to visit the summer home for one of the richest families in Dubrovnik. The building is so well kept with a lot of historical items such as this fully equipped kitchen.

DSC01613Then we visited another island which is 15min away from Sipan, it’s called Kolocep Island. That’s our tour guide and she was one of the extras in GOT. She appeared in Season 2 as a market seller so she shared a lot of behind-the-scenes of GOT with us.

DSC01614 DSC01618 DSC01622

The water is crystal clear and every where in this island is so picture worthy!

DSC01624Our lunch was at Villa Ruza a beautiful restaurant that over looks the sea.

DSC01627 DSC01628 DSC01631

I’m quite amazed that their fresh seafood salad is so damn delicious! They only season it with olive oil and a bit of lemon juice and it turns out super good!


After a long lunch, we walked back to our boat and ended our island hopping tour! We were supposed to visit one more island but the weather was bad so we had no choice but to head back to town.

Then it was free time for us to head back to the hotel to rest and change into a nice outfit for our farewell dinner at night. I couldn’t believe 2 days passed by so fast, it feels like I still havent had the chance to really explore the town yet. I’m so glad that I extended my trip for another 3 days!

DSC01648 DSC01651 DSC01655Our dinner was at Posat, a beautiful restaurant that’s located right in front of the City Gates.


They served a pre dinner appetizer wine which was pretty strong for me haha.

DSC01666 DSC01670 DSC01672

More octopus and fish for dinner =)


Managed to capture this beautiful night view from the restaurant. Our tour ended but I’m not done with Dubrovnik just yet, because I will be meeting Jo and our adventures will begin once I meet up with him!

I cant wait to climb the City Walls again and visit Lokrum Island the next day!

Last but not least, thanks to Turkish Airlines for the wonderful opportunity and Dubrovnik Tourism for the warm hospitality. It was like a dream come true for me and Jo.

For those who are interested to visit Dubrovnik or Croatia for that matter, I will recommend you to check out Turkish Airlines because they have connecting flights from KL through Istanbul and if you choose a longer layover, you can even get a free city tour of Istanbul! I will separate my Istanbul 12 hour layover experience in another post so stay tuned!


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