#BoboinBali – Nusa Penida

Hey guys! So recently we went to Bali again, yeah, I know, but we love it there and there are just too many places to explore!

On this trip, we decided to visit a few places that we haven’t been to before, and in this post, I’ll be sharing my experience in Nusa Penida.

Nusa Penida is a small island about 40 mins away from Bali by boat. We decided to engage a local tour called Discover Nusa Penida, that includes speedboat transfer, private guided tour, and lunch. It is possible to travel there on your own, but the speedboat transfer is quite expensive and you’d need to hire a driver when you get there anyway as there is no transportation, and the roads are very hard to navigate. Our tour cost us 1 million IDR per pax. You can opt for them to pick you up from your hotel, but since we rented a car we decided to just meet up at Sanur Harbour. Click this link for the right place ’cause we actually went to the wrong place!

I would advise everyone to wear slippers as you do not board via a jetty, instead you need to walk into the sea to climb on board…


After a short boat ride, we were in Nusa Penida and were introduced to our driver/guide, Putu. Our first stop was Broken Beach. The roads in Nusa Penida are mostly unpaved and super bumpy, so be warned. We saw many tourists on scooters and they were seriously so brave, hahaha. Watch my video, I am not exaggerating I tell you.

DSCF3543 DSCF3552

The weather was really good that day and it was super sunny. I forgot to apply tanning oil or sunscreen and got super burnt afterwards!

DSCF3562 DSCF3573

A short walk around Broken Beach and you have this incredible view of the sea and cliffs!

Our next stop was Angel’s Billabong. When we got there, the place was already swarmed with tourists so we tried our best to crop them out of our pictures.

If we were to do this again, we might have opted to spend a night in one of the few hotels/villas in Nusa Penida and visit the sites at before 7 am. The first boats arrive at around 9 am, so you will practically have the island all to yourselves!


DSCF3590 DSCF3585 DSCF3583

It was super scary when the waves crashed in, but the view was pretty spectacular!

DSCF3649DSCF3619 DSCF3610

Our next stop was Kelingking Beach, which was 30 mins away by car. This place is seriously pretty and the view was awesome! You can climb all the way down tothe beach but sadly we didn’t have enough time nor the bravery required to do that, as you’ll see below, the climb down is super scary.

DSCF3642 DSCF3638 DSCF3622

After Kelingking Beach, Putu took us to lunch and then drove us to our final spot, Crystal Bay for some beach time!

DSCF3689 DSCF3684 DSCF3678 DSCF3658

Not trying to be cheesy but the water was seriously crystal clear, hahahah. Bought a coconut for an obligatory “having a coconut by the beach” picture!

After Crystal Bay, Putu drove us back to the jetty to take the 4pm boat back to Bali. We were pretty exhausted by then, so we drove back to Canggu, stopped at Peloton for a quick and yummy vegan dinner, and called it a night afterwards. Anyway, that’s it for my first Bali post.

Stay tuned for more, as I will blog about our trip to Ubud to visit the famous Bali Swing and a few other places! In the mean time, check out our video on our day in Nusa Penida!



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