My ReLEx Smile Recovery and Jo’s Eyes Check Up

Hi all, it has been more than four months since I did my ReLEx Smile Procedure in Optimax. I know a lot of you are really curious about my recovery process and how do I feel.

Well, my recovery was fast and smooth! Remember I mentioned in my previous post, after my procedure I just took a nap and then I was off to have dinner in the mall.

I’m glad that I chose ReLEx Smile instead because the recovery is way faster than the normal lasik. The doctor told me not to do sauna, swim and impact sports like playing basketball or football.

I was required to return to the clinic the next day to do a post-procedure check to make sure everything is good. So I went back the next day, and after a few tests, the doctor told me I was good to drive edi! I can still hit the gym but make sure my sweat don’t go into my eyes to prevent infection and other than that I’m good to continue with my daily routine.

But I gave myself a week’s break from the gym just to be safe. I went back to gym after a week and I’m so happy with my decision because I don’t have to worry about my contact lens being too dry and uncomfortable after wearing it the whole day, through work and the gym.

My eye sight after almost a month! Right eye is in perfect eye sight but left still left around 50 but it’s good enough cause I can see everything very clearly by now.

A few of you DM and asked how do u take care and what’s the recovery? I really didn’t do much on the recovery because it recovered in one day! I just took a nap then I was fine, and the only reason was because when the anesthetic drops wore off, my eyes stung a little, the same sensation as being exposed to cut onions. After a short nap, my eyes fully recovered and I was totally comfortable.

As for recovery, I just avoid things that I was told not to do like no swimming for a month, other than that, there was nothing else I had to avoid. The doctor also gave me eye drops so I can keep my eyes constantly lubricated.

Oh by the way, after my procedure I managed to convinced Jo to get it done too because his eyes are a bit sensitive towards contact lens. He can’t wear it for more long so I told him ReLEx Smile will be the best thing for him!

After a few months of talking to him, he finally agree to get his eyes checked for the procedure!!! Read about his experience here :

Hi  everyone, Jo here. I recently decided to undergo Relex Smile procedure at Optimax to correct my shortsightedness, and as someone who has been wearing spectacles for as long as I can remember, let me briefly explain why I decided to finally do it.

First of all, it’s just a matter of annoyance.  When I head to the gym, I will have to change in to my contacts. When it’s sunny out, I cant just throw on a pair of shades, as I wont be able to see if Im not already wearing contacts out of the house. When I get out of the car and into a humid parking lot, my specs fog up. When I go swimming, I constantly fear for losing my contacts. When I turn off the lights at bedtime, I always forget to remove my specs. When I try to take pictures of my Instagram-wife with the camera, I hit my glasses against the viewfinder. I’m sure these are the sort of struggles that all of my spectacle wearing kin go through on a daily basis, and I’m not kidding when I say I can go on for awhile…

Secondly, I fear that I will lose out on a lot of life experiences, for example, Bo and I have always wanted to learn to surf, and now that she has already undergone her procedure, she is finally able to take lessons.

The Relex Smile procedure is certainly quite a considerable investment, but weighing up all the pros & cons, it was a no-brainer, especially if you combine all the material costs that I would have to spend on for the rest of my life, such as spectacles, monthly disposable contact lenses, contact lens solutions, contact lens cases, and etc.

To know more about the procedure, please click here to visit Bo’s previous post, I wont go into more detail here. In summary, it is a flapless and bladeless procedure, there is virtually no down-time, and very, very, minimal risk involved (virtually none).

First of all, 1 week prior to my procedure, I was booked for a full eye examination to confirm that I was a good candidate for Relex Smile. All the tests were the same as Bo’s, and the opticians at Optimax were very professional and nice. My eyes were very healthy, my cornea thickness was very good, and my power was very stable, at 300 & 350, which hasn’t changed for 20+ years. Again, check out Bo’s post for more details. In total, the tests took about 30-40 mins, and then another few minutes for the optician to explain the results and also explain the Relex Smile procedure to me. I was then booked for the procedure the following week, and I will talk about my experience in another post. Come back next time, bye.

If u’re interested into the procedure, quote my name “BoboStephanie” for RM200 off each eye!

For more info on OPTIMAX branches please click on the link!


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